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NOLA: Life, Death & Heavy Blues from the Bayou (2014)

Back in 2014, Noisey presented »NOLA: Life, Death & Heavy Blues from the Bayou«, a seven-part series examining the people and the culture that helped foster bands like Down, EyeHateGod, Crowbar, Goatwhore and many others. From the crawfish-littered tables of the secluded Anselmo compound to a fishing boat with EyeHateGod in the swamps, they discuss the bands, Hurricane Katrina, drugs, suicide, murder, and records that helped shape the New Orleans sound known the world over.

The series features appearances from members of Down, Pantera, EyeHateGod, Crowbar, Corrosion Of Conformity, Goatwhore, and Acid Bath amongst others, including Philip H. Anselmo, Mike IX Williams, Jimmy Bower, Kirk Windstein, Pepper Keenan, and Sammy Duet.

Produced & directed by Jimmy Hubbard and Fred Pessaro.

Episode 1 features New Orleans native Phil Anselmo who exports his style to Dallas band Pantera, thereby changing the landscape for metal in the ‘90s. Meanwhile, a visit from the Melvins to the New Orleans area would alter music as we know it, while Kirk Windstein of the band Shell Shock was discovering that slower was, for him, indeed heavier.

Mike Williams discusses finding kindred spirits in Jimmy Bower and Joey LaCaze, creating a band “that’s like Sabbath, but a punk band” with EyeHateGod. Enduring hardships like drugs and Hurricane Katrina, Eyehategod persevered into 2013, only to have tragedy strike yet again.

On a fishing trip, Jimmy Bower discusses his come up with Shell Shock, the origin of Eyehategod and his place in the sound of New Orleans.

From the shrimp boats to zydeco to the cocaine tray, Sammy Duet and Kirk Windstein talk about influence from the crescent city starting in their childhood until now. Acid Bath breaks into the New Orleans scene with a killer work ethic, but Sammy’s discovery of Darkthrone leads to an entirely different path.

New Orleans native and Graveyard Rodeo member Pepper Keenan leaves his hometown for Corrosion Of Conformity, which would become one of the most sought after bands of the 90s by mixing southern-influences with classic heavy metal.

Despite tragedy surrounding the band and their native city in the wake of Katrina, Down rises again to new heights with their new LP and subsequent tour.

The Down frontman opens up his home for a crawfish boil with the Noisey crew. Meanwhile despite tragedy and significant loss, the natives of New Orleans will not waiver in their fight to write the best riff, and song, in the history of their city.

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