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Noorvik to release their new album »Hamartia« this Friday via Tonzonen Records; share the third single »The Feast«

Cologne, Germany instrumental progressive/post-metal outfit Noorvik is set to release their new album »Hamartia« this Friday, April 22th, 2022 via Tonzonen Records.

Listen to the third single »The Feast« below!

01. Tantalos
02. Hybris
03. Omonoia
04. Ambrosia
05. The Feast
06. Aeon
07. Atreides
08. Tartaros

After having devoted themselves thematically to colder spaces on their first two releases, Noorvik and their new lineup dive into the fiery realm of Greek Mythology on »Hamartia«. The story of Tantalos is the focus of an epic musical journey: almost seventy minutes of progressive instrumental music in which a king realizes the consequences of his arrogant actions and in the end falls from his throne to a special level of the underworld, Tartaros.

»Hamartia« metaphorically tells of how man’s greed and arrogance sow the seeds of his own downfall. Narcissism and egotism outshine the pristine beauty of the world and the innocence of its inhabitants. Tantalos is emblematic of our modern society in that while we live in technological splendor, we will eventually reap the inevitable consequence of our actions.

But Noorvik also reflects the desperation and hope of a generation on »Hamartia«, wanting change and not tolerating the current situation. It becomes clear that the ancient myth of Tantalos is still relevant today.

Noorvik present eight heavy instrumental tracks that provoke tension but also exude hope. »Hamartia« will be released on April 22nd, 2022 on the German label, Tonzonen Records.

Pre-order your copy here:

All songs written and performed by Noorvik.
Recorded, mixed and produced by David Buballa and Dominik Hornung at MobuRec, Uelversheim.
Mastered by Niko Reif at Reif Mastering, Dossenheim.
Photography by Björn Stork.
Artwork and layout by Mirkow Gastow.

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