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Norwegian sludge metal stalwarts Sâver get up close and personal with »Eliminate Distance«; new album »From Ember And Rust« out November 10th via Pelagic Records!

Oslo, Norway based sludge metal stalwarts Sâver premiere the second single »Eliminate Distance« taken from their upcoming full-length album, »From Ember And Rust«, out on November 10th, 2023 via Pelagic Records.

01. Formless
02. I, Evaporate
03. Eliminate Distance
04. Ember & Rust
05. Primal One
06. The Object
07. All In Disarray

Courtesy of Pelagic Records:

Norwegian sludge-metal titans Sâver have unleashed the five-minute onslaught of »Eliminate Distance«, the second single from their forthcoming album »From Ember And Rust«, out 11th November via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

The trios first non-collaborative full-length release since 2019’s debut album »They Came With Sunlight«, »From Ember And Rust« is the punishing product of the patience, confidence and mutual trust that come with decades of experience in making the heaviest music they can.

Determined to push the envelope whenever possible, 2021’s full-length release »Emerald« saw Sâver pair their calculated minimalism with the frenetic, percussive energy of Belgian post-metal collective Psychonaut whilst last year’s split EP saw Sâver and Norwegian folk singer/songwriter Frødekal reinterpret a song from each other’s back catalogue with hauntingly spectacular results.

Photo by Pål Ulvik Rokseth // Levi Gawron

With this revelatory experience still ringing in their ears, »Eliminate Distance« carries the full weight of Sâver’s sledgehammer sound alongside a heightened sense of dynamic anticipation that draws the listener into the album’s organic, narrative progression. Lyrically and musically, »From Ember And Rust« charts the plot of a dystopian sci-fi feature film that bears eerie parallels to the world we find ourselves in today, where technologies created for good are twisted into destructive forces and those we put our trust in turn out to be something other than what we were first led to believe…

Reinvigorated and reignited, the intensity of the Sâver’s inimitable synth-driven, sludge-metal resounds throughout the record and ties all seven tracks of »From Ember And Rust« together as a true milestone in the band’s incendiary career.

»Eliminate Distance« is out now.

»From Ember And Rust« is released on November 11th.

Sâver on »Eliminate Distance«: “»Eliminate Distance« is about survival and not letting anyone, especially yourself, get in the way.”

Pre-order »From Ember And Rust« here:

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