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NY death/doom veterans Ceremonium re-issued debut album »Into The Autumn Shade« on cassette tape, out now via Rotter Records and Necroharmonic Productions!

New York death/doom metal band Ceremonium re-issued their 1995 debut album »Into The Autumn Shade« on cassette tape, which was just co-released on November 4th, 2022 via Rotter Records and Necroharmonic Productions.

01. Nightfall In Heaven
02. Serenity
03. Incarnated Entity
04. Unvailed Tears
05. Our Mourning Forever Shrouds
06. Into The Autumn Shade

Ceremonium’s »Into The Autumn Shade« first time ever on cassette tape! One of the most under-rated doom-death metal classics from the 1990s.

Released in 1995, this album is all the hallmarks of the time, with influences from early My Dying Bride, early Paradise Lost, Disembowelment, Crematory (Swe), Incantation, Cemetery, Abhorrence (Fin), etc…

Recorded at Solid Sounds and Excello Studios.
Mixed at Solid Sounds and Fastlane Studios.
Artwork by Junia Grimaldi-Villela.
Photography by Thomas Pioli.

Purchase »Into The Autumn Shade« cassette by Rotter Records and Necroharmonic Productions:

“Desolate and crushing 1990’s death/doom from NY/NJ’s Ceremonium. Formed in 1992 during the early rise of NY/NJ’s death metal scene (Incantation, Immolation), Ceremonium’s origins in brutal yet atmospheric Scandinavian death metal (»Nightfall In Heaven« EP 1993) soon led to a headfirst spiral into full blown funereal despondency on 1995’s death/doom tome »Into The Autumn Shade«. A vile offering of devastating death metal instilled with moments of profound and sorrowful doom, »Into The Autumn Shade« firmly stands alongside death/doom’s most revered albums of the 1990’s. Experience a haunting voyage unveiled as vile shadow swarm the ancient deep!”

Ceremonium 1995 line-up:
Oscar Matter – Vocals
Tom Pioli – Guitars, Bass
Brandon Diaz – Guitars
Chris Tredici – Drums

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