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Opium/Absinth and Llord teamed for a split EP, out now via Ivar Records, Nihilocus Records and Violence In The Veins

Italian noise/sludge duo Opium/Absinth and Spanish sludge two-piece Llord teamed for a split EP which was just released on June 3rd, 2022 via Ivar Records, Nihilocus Records and Violence In The Veins.

01. Opium/Absinth – If You Want Me To Split, I’ll Split
02. Opium/Absinth – Codeine
03. Llord – Soldano
04. Llord – Nico

Split between two duo bands, Opium/Absinth (from Fossano, Italy) and Llord (from Barcelona, Spain). Both bass and drums, sludgecore and very angry!

Opium/Absinth side:
Music by Opium/Absinth
Lyrics by Maurizio Cervella
Recorded by Francesco Martinat
Mixed and mastered by Joo Bany

Opium/Absinth is:
Maurizio Cervella – Bass, Vocals
Mattia Fenoglio – Drums

Llord side:
Music and lyrics by Llord
Mixed and mastered by David Trillo Hernandez

Llord is:
Aris – Bass, Vocals
David – Drums, Vocals

Cover by Rio Oka Wardana

Layout by Francesco Imberti

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