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Polish prog/psych rock trio Ignu release the first single »Orison To Light / Ascension« taken from the upcoming concept album »Unity III«

Warsaw, Poland based prog/psych rock trio Ignu has released their new single »Orison To Light / Ascension«.

This is the first single taken from the band’s upcoming concept album, titled »Unity III«, set to release this spring.

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“The new song forecasts an upcoming album to be released this spring. It’s an ode to the stars and light. The new album tells the story of a space odyssey.”

An ode to light and the stars. Ignu’s new single forecasts an approaching cosmic journey.

Time to put your seatbelts on and start the engines! The psychonauts from the Warsaw-based band Ignu went out on a new mission aboard the spaceship »Unity III«. Their latest single »Orison To Light / Ascension« is the first song from a new album due out this spring.

The countdown begins, engines roar and the skies split whispering a promise of hope. Both immersive soundscapes and intriguing melodies can be found not only on the latest single but on the album as a whole. »Orison To Light / Ascension« is an 8-minute essence of what can be expected on the upcoming album titled »Unity III«. The release of the concept album has been planned for late spring. The work starts a new chapter in the history of the Polish band.

“The first track was meant to be an invitation to take part in the journey. We are extremely thrilled as we feel it’s our best and most coherent album so far. The album symbolizes a need for escape out of the mundane. It’s a journey out of this world, out of pandemics, divisions, black mirrors and hate.” emphasize the artists.

Future publications of the rest of the songs will include excerpts from »Unity III«’s logbook. Fragments of those journals are shared on the band’s social media and can be found in the descriptions under YouTube videos. A live session is to be released soon with the latest songs.

The album was mixed and mastered by Grzegorz Mukanowski. Graphics, cover and art by Adrianna Zielińska.

Smoke, debris and psychedelia mixed with a lot of beauty and dancing. A crazy ride with lots of dynamic changes, catchy melodies and offbeat rhythms. To fully grasp Ignu’s capabilities and vibe, it is best to experience their concert – their performances always deliver and are full of prodigious energy. The band’s first album was released in 2017 »Lightningflash Flintspark« followed by the LP »Auriga« two years later. In 2020/2021 the band published several singles gathering their forces for their next big work. After some changes in the band in 2021 they started to play as a trio: Jan Szegda: vocals, guitars; David Condis y Troyano: vocals, bass and sounds; Cyryl Skiba: vocals, drums.

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