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Portugese alternative/heavy psych rockers Earth Drive share new single »The Bridge«; fourth album »Light Codes« out September 23rd via Raging Planet!

Montijo, Portugal based alternative/heavy psych rockers Earth Drive share a visualizer video for the second single »The Bridge« taken from their upcoming album, »Light Codes«, set to release on September 23rd, 2024 via Raging Planet Records.

Mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers.
Video edited by Hermano Marques.
Artwork cover by Hermano Marques.
Astrophotography by Monica Martinho & Marco Vidal.

»The Bridge« is the second single from Earth Drive’s fourth album »Light Codes«, that will come out on September 23rd under the Raging Planet label.

“We often look for a bridge.

Whether inside us or outside. Something that makes us reach a point that connects us to another location, whether physical or not.

The song addresses processes of transmutation and full confidence in crossing a bridge between a reality of false security, old habits, patterns and limiting beliefs to a new reality where the unknown is embraced with a deep belief in a new time of experiences of rebirth and growth.

»The Bridge« symbolizes the duality and conflict between the comfort of the known and the uncomfortable challenge of the unknown.

Overcoming the fear of the unstable cloudiness of the waters that surround this “bridge”, a ritual begins that interconnects perfectly with “»True Passage Into The Void« (first single) through a sonic “tail” that embraces the two themes, uniting them. equally, in the concept and theme that continues throughout the rest of the work.”


Earth Drive are characterized by their dense, melodic, visceral and cathartic sound.

In addition to its weight, the band has a strong atmospheric component, hypnotic and meditative textures adorned by a charismatic, engaging, deep and captivating female voice.

Spatial and ritualistic atmospheres create a unique aesthetic, making his work a surprising inner journey that must be experienced.

The Portuguese band formed in 2007 and played in several prestigious spaces and festivals in the underground scene, such as Reverence Valada Festival, Under The Doom IV Edition, VOA Heavy Rock Festival, Woodrock Festival, Stonefest, Sons No Montijo and Sunburst Festival; having shared stages with national and international bands such as Sasquatch, Crippled Black Phoenix, Sisters of Mercy, Steak, Glowsun, Radar Man From The Moon, Wet Cactus, Spectral Haze, Ecstatic Vision, UHF, Keep Razors Sharp, My Master The Sun, Sinistro, It Was The Elf, Basalto, The Black Wizards, Stones Of Babylon, Desert Smoke, Son Of Cain, The Year, Marbles, Moes Implosion, Earth Electric, Wells Valley, Process Of Guilt, Vircator, Asimov, Inhuman, among other great ones bands.

Earth Drive were honored with the 2017 Alternative Metal Album of the Year award with Stellar Drone by World of Metal magazine (issue #13 page 174), and in 2020 »Helix Nebula« was the No. 1 album in the Experimental Psych Rock category by the same magazine.

The band earned a prestigious mention in LOUD! magazine. “One of the most brilliant projects of the current national underground” – José M. Rodrigues | LOUD! nº 202. »Helix Nebula« was also on the best albums lists of several magazines such as Metal Hammer Portugal, Time for Metal and HellHeaven.

3 albums were released via Raging Planet: »Planet Mantra« in 2015, »Stellar Drone« in 2017, »Helix Nebula« in 2020.

At this moment the band is preparing to release its fourth album. »Light Codes« will be released on September 23rd under the Raging Planet label and features Fernando Matias on bass who joined the band in 2023.

Currently Earth Drive are Sara Antunes (vocals), Sebastião Santos (drums), Fernando Matias (bass) and Hermano Marques (guitar and vocals).

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