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Portugese instrumental psych rockers Misleading dropped their new studio album »Face The Psych«

Portugese instrumental psych rockers Misleading stream their new studio album, »Face The Psych«, which just dropped on February 24th, 2024.

»Face The Psych« is available now on Spotify and other streaming platforms!

01. Visual Tempo
02. Tutte le Nove Vite
03. Lenny’s Gone
04. Spazio Nascosto
05. Cheating Death
06. Tumbadora
07. Egregore

Emerging from uncertainty, Misleading conjures a captivating blend of low-end magic, tripped-out solos, drumbeats looping in convergence and keys that echo through the depths. Misleading takes you on another sonic dimension, where psychedelic doom decided takes a hit from a prog rock nugget – a bad acid trip where you know you’re never coming back from. Fight the psych and immerse in this tapestry woven with musical alchemy.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by António at Garage16Studio.
Profile photography by Eyes of Madness.
Album cover by Gonçalo.

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