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Psychic Hit reveal the album cover art for their upcoming full-length debut »Solutio«

Oakland, California based hard rockin proto-metal band Psychic Hit reveal the album cover art for their upcoming full-length debut »Solutio«, a magical collaboration between make up artist and stylist Janiece Gonzalez, photographer Rob Williamson, and the band.⁣

The band portrait, like the Major Arcana, is all about your personal interpretations: rock ‘n’ roll as dissolution and transformation. Mages, sages, archetypes from the deepest recesses of your mind. Wyrd rockers just trying to have a bit of fun in a basic ass world… With »Solutio«, you get to choose your own adventure.⁣

Psychic Hit’s full-length debut album »Solutio« will be released via Seeing Red Records. Vinyl and cassette pre-orders start his Friday, April 23.⁣

Vinyl limited to 300.⁣
Cassettes limited to 100.⁣

Watch for the first music video and single dropping later this week! ⁣

PR tid bit:⁣

“»Solutio« is an album that perfectly suits this historical moment. »Solutio« is anthemic and orchestral. Headbanging yet cosmic. It’s about love in an age of madness and hysteria. Rebirth in the midst of death. An alchemical solution that’s both heady with nostalgia and thoroughly modern, »Solutio« is a love letter to Psychic Hit’s influences as well as their postmodern manifesto.”

Psychic Hit is:
Ariana Jade – Vocals, Violin, Synth
Andrea Genevieve – Guitar, Synth
Melanie Burkett – Bass
Jake Palladino – Guitar, Synth
Justin Divver – Drums

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