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Psychic Hit share a trippy music video for their brand new single »Livin’ On«

Bay Area ’70s hard rock/proto-metal band Psychic Hit share a trippy music video for the first single »Livin’ On« off their forthcoming album, »Solutio«, to be released via Seeing Red Records.

Director/writer: Andrea Genevieve
Editor: Ariana Jade
Camera persons: Andrea Genevieve, Ariana Jade, Justin Divver

Vocalist Ariana Jade comments: “The »Livin’ On« lyrics came about during a time when I was learning about my Taino heritage. As someone who has this heritage, I’ve given a lot of thought to the idea of living how the Tainos did. »Livin’ On« is my reflection on how the world looks now versus how it looked to my ancestors. ‘I want the island. I want the wild naked. I want no possession…’ These words came to me because I have often felt weighed down by my possessiveness, of people and of things. The Tainos were decimated due, in large part, to greed. It’s kind of a play on words, actually. Because to want no possession is still wanting something! In the video, we are tripping out, and in a sense, we are experiencing that escape from the current reality that I’m talking about in the song.”

Psychic Hit is:
Ariana Jade – Vocals, Violin, Synth
Andrea Genevieve – Guitar, Synth
Melanie Burkett – Bass
Jake Palladino – Guitar, Synth
Justin Divver – Drums

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