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Romanian psychedelic stoner/fuzz rock trio King Solomon presents their sophomore album »Heights«

Bucharest, Romania based psychedelic stoner/fuzz rock trio King Solomon presents their sophomore album, »Heights«, which was just released on March 29th, 2023.

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01. Deliverance
02. Flight Of Rukk
03. Summoning
04. Helena
05. Psychonaut
06. Trails
07. Nova

»Heights« is the second album from King Solomon, psychedelic jam rock band based in Bucharest, Romania. The album was recorded live during a one-week trip in a mountain village, and it’s the result of King Solomon’s secluded stay at an almost deserted mansion, where the band lived, breathed, and tripped on music and their own company for the whole week.

About King Solomon:
The story begins in early 1970, when rock’n’roll… Scratch that. Electric groove rock trio King Solomon is not another band, with absolutely no members whatsoever from RoadkillSoda, Damage Case or Crossbone.

With a live performance that includes their heavy yet infectious grooves and stream of consciousness approach to improv jams, King Solomon is the fresh new good-looking face from the local music scene.

King Solomon is currently on European tour. Check out the announced dates so far:
29.03 • Bucharest / Romania
30.03 • Sibiu / Romania
31.03 • Cluj-Napoca / Romania
01.04 • Brezno / Slovakia
03.04 • Vienna / Austria
04.04 • Budapest / Hungary
06.04 • Brno / Czech Republic
07.04 • Praga / Czech Republic
08.04 • Berlin / Germany

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