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Russian instrumental heavy psych/stoner rock trio Temnee presents their second studio album »Horror Of Noon«

Tver, Russia based instrumental heavy psych/stoner rock trio Temnee presents their second studio album, »Horror Of Noon«, which was released May 4th, 2022.

01. Burnout Syndrome
02. Don’t Open The Crimson Door
03. The Day Of Doom
04. The Quest
05. Witch’s Lodge (Vertigo)
06. Entropy

Temnee’s second album is much darker than previous records. »Horror Of Noon« explores the territory of fears: from nightmares to falling into the abyss of horror. And this record does it with the neurosurgeon’s precision.

The opening »Burnout Syndrome« immediately sets the tone of the entire album. This canvas is woven from gloomy riffs, viscous, like quicksand. And they are ready to devour you. Another part of this music potion is disturbing rhythms passing into tachycardia, threatening to heart attack.

A short respite in the name of Al Cisneros in »Don’t Open The Crimson Door« makes you feel that there is definitely someone else in the room and he is watching you.

And then the air-raid siren in »The Day Of Doom« with severe inevitability returns to disturbing reality. This 10 minute epic track is a central thing on the album and the most complex Temnee’s track.

And we are only in the middle of the path of »Horror Of Noon«.

Those who dare to walk this way till the end must be prepared for the fact that they will have to look into the darkest corners of their own consciousness. Instrumental tracks push the listener to a dialogue with himself. And this dialogue might be not a pleasant conversation.

This Music Will Destroy You Like It Destroyed Us

Recorded in 2020.
Mixed and mastered in 2020-2021.
Mixed and produced by Kirill Arrowhead and Alexander Bogomolov.
Mastered by Kirill Arrowhead.
Engineered by Evgenii Kotov (Mad Cat Studio).
Cover art by Evgeny Pogorelov.
Design by Julia Kholnova.

Temnee are:
Alexander Bogomolov – Guitar
Alexey Frantsuzov – Drums
Evgenii Mikhalchenko – Bass, Synth

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