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Soen unveil a music video for the third single »Illusion« taken from their fifth studio album, »Imperial«

Swedish progressive metal outfit Soen unveil a music video for the third single »Illusion« taken from their fifth studio album, »Imperial«, which will be released on January 29th, 2021 via Silver Lining Music.

The band comments: “»Illusion« is a song about the shared responsibility amongst us if we wish to improve the world, change has to be made by us, you and me…the people. We can’t just sit around and wait for those in power to help, they are preoccupied battling each other in matters of greed and power. It’s about the frustration of feeling powerless but also the hope in realising that things can be changed for the better, if we stop criticising each other and making enemies of ourselves by blindly following the ideas of politicians and their media.”

01. Lumerian
02. Deceiver
03. Monarch
04. Illusion
05. Antagonist
06. Modesty
07. Dissident
08. Fortune

The provocative, imperious and engaging Swedish-based metal group Soen will unveil their fifth album, »Imperial«, via Silver Lining Music on January 29th, 2021. Founder members Joel Ekelöf (vocals) and Martin Lopez (drums), along with Lars Enok Åhlund (keyboards and guitar), Oleksii “Zlatoyar” Kobel (bass) and Cody Ford (lead guitar) have never shied away from challenging our perceptions of life and humanity, and »Imperial« continues Soen’s unique journey through the psyche of our species and the conundrum of our times. Eight crisp, sharp, and supremely constructed songs spanning frustration, reflection and hope, »Imperial« is the most direct fierce and dynamic release of Soen’s journey, one which continues to be deeply therapeutic for both the group’s dedicated followers and the band themselves.

Produced by Iñaki Marconi and the band, »Imperial« was mixed and mastered by Kane Churko, who has worked with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Bob Dylan, giving songs such as »Illusion«, »Modesty’ and the epic closer »Fortune’ a dimension and richness which will reach yet more ears and minds. The sheer power and poetry of Soen’s dynamics are more completely executed and honed than ever before, something which is perversely a product of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lead single »Antagonist’ storms through the gates with a massive heavy riff of intent, followed by an epic blend of strength, beauty and defiance of all the world’s darkest powermongers, captured in the lyrics “Dependency dampens the wild / Inequity weighs down the motion of progress / Life isn’t just to survive.”

»Imperial« is an album which will engage the listener immediately and sustain long after this crazy time has passed, its rich details destined to make it a classic metal album of this era.

Soen are an undeniable cypher for all which swirls around us, something which will continue to set them apart from their peers for years to come, and »Imperial« is the latest potent, unmissable commentary from their journey.

»Imperial« will be released on January 29th, 2021 via Silver Lining Music. Available as a CD Digipak, Vinyl Album, digital formats and special D2C bundles.

Soen is:
Joel Ekelöf – Vocals
Martin Lopez – Drums
Lars Enok Åhlund – Keyboards and Guitar
Oleksii “Zlatoyar” Kobel – Bass
Cody Ford – Lead Guitar

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