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Spanish experimental folk/dark wave/drone one-man band Doce Fuegos is back with his new album »Vita Brevis«, out now via Sentencia Records


Spanish experimental folk/dark wave/drone one-man band Doce Fuegos is back with his new album, »Vita Brevis«, out on April 1st, 2022 via Sentencia Records.

01. Sepulcro y Olvido
02. Homo Bulla
03. Crasfalso
04. In Ictu Oculi
05. Eros
06. Por Mi Puerta Pasarás

Courtesy of Sentencia Records:

Doce Fuegos is a one-man band formed by Miguel Palou, musician linked with the cryptic psych-doom band Pylar, in which he explores the narrative creativity of music through improvisation as playing exclusively violins, mandolins and percussions. His unique musical vision is inspired by a wide variety of styles: from darkwave to ancient and folk music, including experimental post-rock and atmospheric extreme metal.

After »El Templo de las Cuevas« (Sentencia Records, 2021), Doce Fuegos is back with »Vita Brevis«, a sound essay about life, death and love. This album proposes an introspective trip immersed in a rich and inspiring variety of music improvisations and timbres, subverting the symbology of vanitas and memento mori.

Home recordings between March and June 2020, in different rooms of a building in Seville.
All sounds made by violins, mandolins and percussions.
Performed by Miguel Palou.
Mixed and mastered by Ignacio García Velasco.
Artwork by Gonzalo Santana, inspired by xylographic prints from Geoffroy Ballain, Martín de Montesdoca and Christophe Plantin (Biblioteca Nacional de España and Plantin-Moretus Museum).

For fans of Dead Can Dance, Current 93, Warren Ellis, Wolves In The Throne Room, Comus.

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