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SpellBook presents their debut full-length album, »Magick & Mischief«, out now via Cruz Del Sur Music

York, Pennsylvania based vintage proto-metal band SpellBook has just released their debut full-length album, »Magick & Mischief«, on September 25th, 2020 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

01. Wands To The Sky
02. Black Shadow
03. Ominous Skies
04. Not Long For This World
05. Motorcade
06. Amulet / Fare Thee Well
07. Dead Detectives

»Magick & Mischief« is available on CD, vinyl and digital.

From Cruz Del Sur Music:

Originally formed in 2007 under the name of Witch Hazel by lead singer Nate Tyson and drummer Nicholas Zinn, Witch Hazel had three self-released albums to their credit, »Forsaken Remedies« (2012), »Nocturnity« (2015) and »Otherwordly« (2018). The band, rounded out by guitarist Andy Craven and bassist Seibert Lowe, nearly changed their name before the release of »Otherwordly«, but decided to make the switch to SpellBook when its current formation started writing the material that would become »Magick & Mischief«.

Zinn describes »Magick & Mischief« as the band’s “most dynamic offering yet”. From proto-metal jaunts such as »Wands To The Sky« and »Ominous Skies«, to the epic doom rocker »Not Long For This World« and already-crowd favorite »Amulet«, it’s easy to see why SpellBook is eager to hit the road in support of the album.

“We’re a unique band and we’re proud of that,” closes Zinn. “There is no formula; there are no rules. We write what feels good and we are tapped into a creative high right now, already writing for the next album. However, the release of »Magick & Mischief« in September is priority number one and we’re excited for everyone to hear it. It’s rewarding this label is taking us on and recognizes the potential. We’re thrilled!”

SpellBook is:
Nate Tyson – Vocals
Andy Craven – Guitar
Selbert Lowe Jr – Bass
Nicholas Zinn – Drums

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