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Hidden Gems & Guilty Pleasures: Srd (Slovenia)

Srd (Black Metal/Black’N’Roll, Slovenia)

Srd have come to light with the release of their debut album »Smrti sel« in 2017. At first intended only as a solo project, it has soon grown into a full band and attained a reputation of being one of the fiercest Slovenian acts to date. During extensive promotional appearances in the following three years, Srd have started to master their own expression that some link to black metal and black ‘n’ roll, yet others consider it merely as a dark form of rock ‘n’ roll. With the release of »Ognja prerok« in 2020, Srd thread even further, bringing groove, atmosphere and experimentation into their form of extreme art, light years ahead of his brother, matured in writing, gospel and production!

»Smrti sel« (On Parole Productions, 2017)
»Shining / Srd« split (The Sinister Initiative, 2019)
»Kupa trpljenja / Sreča na vrvici« single (Independent, 2020)
»Ognja prerok« (On Parole Productions, 2020)

For fans of Shining, Vreid, Lucifer’s Child, Furia, Slegest, Alfahanne

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