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Stoner rock legends Dozer premiere »Dust For Blood« video; new album »Drifting In The Endless Void« out April 21st on Blues Funeral Recordings!

Swedish stoner rock godfathers Dozer premiere a visualizer video for the second single »Dust For Blood« taken from their sixth full-length album, »Drifting In The Endless Void«, set to release on April 21st, 2023 via Blues Funeral Recordings.

01. Mutation/Transformation
02. Ex-Human, Now Beast
03. Dust For Blood
04. Andromeda
05. No Quarter Expected, No Quarter Given
06. Run, Mortals, Run!
07. Missing 13

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

Swedish godfathers of stoner rock Dozer present the second single and video taken from their long-anticipated sixth album »Drifting In The Endless Void«, to be released this April 21st on Blues Funeral Recordings. Watch »Dust For Blood« now!

“»Dust For Blood« is a charged-up, fuzzed-out banger propelled by huge hooks and a healthy dose of psychedelia.” — Decibel Magazine

About new single »Dust For Blood«, Dozer guitarist and vocalist Fredrik Nordin comments: “»Dust For Blood« follows the main theme for the whole record. Where we give this earth to the next generation, and it’s basically in ruins. Some care, some do not. Is it all an illusion? Or is it real? Is it all too much to grasp? Is all hope lost? No, it never is and never will be. Even if you’re in the deepest darkest hole, don’t give up because eventually, things get brighter.”

Watch Dozer’s new video »Dust For Blood« on Decibel Magazine!

Formed in the mid-’90s in the sleepy town of Borlänge, the Swedish foursome led the first wave of European-style stoner/desert rock in response to the tectonic heft and sun-baked fuzz of American bands Kyuss and Fu Manchu. Over a decade since their last outing, Dozer have now reawakened with a vengeance: their new album »Drifting In The Endless Void« is an undeniable affirmation of their status not just as forefathers of a movement, but as champions of volcanic energy and pure riff worship.

Photos by Mats Ek

Dozer still bring the tumultuous churn that longtime fans expect, but their sound has become a gravitational mass that also pulls in massive sludge, fuzzed-out doom, space-tripping grooves, red-eyed psychedelics, and whatever else they find floating in the vast cosmic expanse. Their return to the musical landscape they helped shape is cause enough for celebration, but the explosive playing and fiery purpose is what makes »Drifting In The Endless Void« a truly unmissable experience!

»Drifting In The Endless Void« will be available worldwide on April 21st on various vinyl editions (including an ultra-limited PostWax Vol. II edition), limited digipack CD and digital. Don’t forget to watch Dozer’s latest video »Ex-Human, Now Beast« at this location!

New album »Drifting In The Endless Void« out April 21st on Blues Funeral Recordings.
Pre-order on BFR website, Bandcamp and European store.

On their preternaturally confident earliest releases, which included albums »In The Tail Of The Comet« (2000) and »Madre De Dios« (2001) on the legendary Man’s Ruin label and a split LP with John Garcia’s bright-burning though post-Kyuss outfit Unida, Dozer’s fuzz-rock hypnosis was at cosmic levels, thanks to guitarist Tommi Holappa’s rolling riffs and fried psychedelics and singer/guitarist Fredrik Nordin’s blistering vocal power.

The third album »Call It Conspiracy« was a milestone in perfectly crafted high-energy anthems, as the lockdown grooves of rhythm section Johan Rockner (bass) and Erik Bäckwall (drums) along with heaping helpings of ’70s hard rock heroics saw the band established as a live force, leveling audiences across the UK and Europe with their white-hot eruptions. Even as Dozer achieved greater recognition on European, US and Australian tours supporting the likes of Clutch, Spiritual Beggars and Mastodon, Holappa also started side project Greenleaf as an outlet for jammier, less-structured digressions.

An inflection point came with Dozer’s fourth album »Through The Eyes Of Heathens«, which saw them drive the intensity into the red and push the tempos to match. Their fuzz-groove attack now infused with heightened aggression and crush, the shift was consecrated by the appearance of Mastodon’s Troy Saunders lending vocals to the song »Until Man Exists No More«. Dozer pushed ahead in this vein with 2008’s »Beyond Colossal«, which All Music called, “arguably their heaviest and darkest song cycle yet,” and which included a career watermark in the form of mini-epic »Empire’s End« with guest vocals from Neil Fallon of Clutch.

But, although the album was a triumph in channeling the various tributaries of the members’ decade-plus growth and influences, it would also be their last proper album for quite some time. Nordin returned to school for his Master’s degree, Holappa turned Greenleaf into a full-time band, and Dozer went on indefinite hiatus. If the band seemed to sleep while Greenleaf roamed, Dozer have now reawakened by signing a worldwide deal with US label Blues Funeral Recordings, which will release their first studio album in fifteen years.

Dozer is:
Fredrik Nordin – Guitar & Vocals
Tommi Holappa – Guitar
Johan Rockner – Bass
Sebastian Olsson – Drums

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