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Sumac announce their new studio album, »May You Be Held«, set to release on September 18th

Atmospheric sludgers Sumac announce their new studio album, »May You Be Held«, set to release on September 18th via Thrill Jockey Records and Daymare Recordings.

01. A Prayer For Your Path
02. May You Be Held
03. The Iron Chair
04. Consumed
05. Laughter And Silence

Sumac is the powerhouse trio of Aaron Turner (ex-Isis, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer, House Of Low Culture), Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) and Brian Cook (Russian Circles, ex-Botch, ex-These Arms Are Snakes). Sumac invests in the recursive exercises of chaos and control, and the results are a testament to the tour-honed collective intuition and technical skills of these veteran players.

Says the band: “Our new studio recording »May You Be Held« is due to be released on September 18th via Thrill Jockey Records and Daymare Recordings in Japan. Our hope is that the music we’ve made will not serve merely to entertain or offer escape. As has always been our intention, what we create as Sumac is meant to reveal and strengthen connection between and within people. In a best case scenario we hope it can serve to galvanize the desire to contribute meaningfully to the world – within immediate and wider circles. The center of our music is and always has been love. This point of focus is sharper, deeper, more urgent and even more necessary with this record – and in this moment. It is important to us that this intention is unambiguous, even at the risk of belaboring the sentiment. ⠀

We are also well aware that this is a time where buying music is very much a luxury, and as such we wish to express our gratitude to anyone supporting our efforts by purchasing the album. We also encourage those who aren’t able to buy the album to listen it in whatever form you may be able to acquire it for free. ⠀

And for those of you who have the means and interest in supporting artists by buying music right now, we encourage you to investigate recent, new and forthcoming releases by our friends and past (and hopefully future) touring partners: Tashi Dorji, Black Spirituals, Dälek, Divide And Dissolve, and Nordra.”

Sumac also released live album, »St Vitus 09​​/​​07​​/​​2018«, on July 3 via SIGE Records, which was mixed by Kurt Ballou (Iron Reagan, Old Man Gloom, Torche, Doomriders, Trap Them) and mastered by James Plotkin (Electric Wizard, Isis, Rotting Christ, Conan, Alunah).

Brian Cook (bass), Aaron Turner (guitar) and Nick Yacyshyn (drums) were joined on this occasion by Faith Coloccia (sampled organ).

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