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Swedish lumberjack jazz outfit Dröög announce new full-length album »Det stora oväsendet« on Majestic Mountain Records; title track streaming now!

Falun, Sweden based psychedelic doom/stoner/sludge outfit Dröög has revealed the first single and title track of their new full-length album »Det stora oväsendet«, which will be released later this year via Majestic Mountain Records.

Listen to »Det stora oväsendet« on all major streaming services!

Courtesy of Majestic Mountain Records:

Majestic Mountain Records comments: “The time has come for new offerings of forboding darkness from Dröög!

Our beloved “lumberjack jazz” masters are back and the lore continues with their gloomy grooves from the ancient forests of Dalarna. Torrid tales, lurid legend, and fetid folklore from the darkest parts of history await and Dröög’s deeply doomy metallic grandeur abounds once again but to new, chilling heights.

Check out the title track from their upcoming album »Det stora oväsendet« streaming on all platforms now.

More info on the album to come, stay tuned!”

Photos by Björn Tillman

Through a dynamically orchestrated amalgamation of melodically mysterious and cinematically framed composition, Dröög tells a soulfully gripping, hook rich and riff driven, bluesy, stoner doom adjacent yet exploratorily progressive story from the darkest parts of history taking you on a journey where magic, revenge and the lusts of the flesh go hand in hand. While exploring truths and tales that have been told for generations, some just as relevant today as they were eons ago, Dröög roams through the eras and ages like chapters in history- sometimes light yet equally celebratory in their profound shadow. Lore and truth intertwine, and fairy tales emerge- allegory both manmade and nature that touched every living soul, rich and poor from every walk of life. One thing these stories have common is that they want to be retold and Dröög are the vehicle through which these tales come to life.

As a foundation Dröög started with Lola as a one-man band. A band to be able to perform chord progressions, rhythms, and lyrics without necessarily following the flow but without becoming progressive. “Write music, completely without reservation.”

Dröög quickly expanded into a duo, now with a singer, just to be able to justify the vocal melodies as an additional and soulful instrument in itself. The album was then recorded as a duo but today they have a full crew to be able to deliver the music live as well.

Dröög is:
Daniel Engberg – Vocals
Magnus Vestling – Drums
Jon Bäcklund – Bass
Anders Nilsson – Guitar
Christian Steen – Guitar

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