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Swedish occult rockers Nephila premiere a music video for their latest single »Belladonna«

Swedish occult rockers Nephila premiere a music video for the latest single »Belladonna« taken from their self-titled debut album, set to release on June 4th, 2021 via The Sign Records. Video was filmed by Johan Lööf.

New single »Belladonna« is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Nephila on their new single and video: “»Belladonna« is about the environmental crisis the earth is facing, but from Mother Earth’s perspective. She’s begging for mercy before her time has run out and glory days have long since past. She brings life to us, but we bring death to her.

In the music video of »Belladonna« the amazing actor Ida Blom portrays Mother Earth. We tell a story where she sees the consequences of climate destruction, for example forest fires and floods. During the story she feels powerless, her anxiety gradually increases and eventually all the pollution, emissions and littering take over her. The video ends in reverse, for mother earth still believes we can give her a chance to be saved. We could be more than you could ask for.”

From The Sign Records:

Nephila has joined forces with The Sign Records and will release their debut self-titled album in June, 2021. Combining psychedelic rock and heavy blues with theatrical expressions, the 7-headed rock orchestra brings out the best of 70’s experimental rock while adding their own touch of mysticism and visual storytelling.

Nephila is a musical spider, with its sprawling legs represented by 70’s space rock and masked band members. Flashing guitar solos and psychedelic melodies quickly brings to mind pioneers such as the American Jefferson Airplane and Sweden’s Abramis Brama. With members hailing from retro rock-band Children Of The Sün, melodies and rhythm crawl like a red pulsing thread through the songs of this Swedish band.

Photo by Erik Hansen

Guitars act as the basis on which hard rock rests as the heart of it all and with its mystical visuals, Nephila is a concept for you to discover with all of your senses. Allow yourself to take part of the thrill Nephila brings and let it become an alternative to what you already love. With members descending from both music and the theatre stage, the theatrical setting is a given.

“Nephila’s strength definitely lies in our performance”, says one of the lead singers Stina. “The mystique is important. We all have strong personalities and our masks create yet another dimension. No matter what happens to any of us, the mask always lives on.”

Stepping into the year 2021, the band has a lot in store. Starting off by releasing the single »White Bones« on the 15th of January, Nephila is about to keep up the tempo throughout spring and tops it off by releasing their debut album – »Nephila« on the 4th of June, 2021. The album will be released on physical and digital format on The Sign Records.

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