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Swedish psychedelic rockers Nephila release a live session video recorded last year at Lappnäs

Photo by David Gustafsson

Swedish psychedelic rockers Nephila have released a live session video recorded last year at Lappnäs.

After a year apart Nephila travels to the Swedish woods in Sunne, Värmland during the summer of 2021. The snare is being tuned, amplifiers gets turned on, the keys are being dusted off and a new project begins. They start playing and the music now reflects a time of loss for live music.

Weeks go by and the pandemic summer of 2021 seems to be forgotten for a while, for the band’s total focus lies on the nomination for the music award P3 Guld. They plan for a night that could be the first one where covid-19 might be gone from their thoughts for a moment. However, the pandemic takes a turn, society shuts down and people are once again closing the doors to their homes with themselfs, alone inside. The music award P3 guld 2022 is cancelled.

But what about the project from last summer? Join Nephila, a year later, in a live session at Lappnäs, where the atmosphere will take you back fifty years in time. Retro walls, persian rugs, furniture from generations ago and paintings living in the 70’s. The one hundred years old orphanage has never before been echoed by rock music.

Nephila is:
Stina Olsson – Vocals
Josephine Asker – Vocals
Johan Lööf – Drums
David Press – Bass
Jacob Hellenrud – Guitar
Anton Athley – Guitar
Johan Larsson – Organ

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