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Swedish punk/sludge/doom metal band Diakron released their debut full-length album »Spectre At The Feast« via Halvfabrikat Records

Swedish punk/sludge/doom metal band Diakron featuring former Counterblast members has just released their debut full-length album »Spectre At The Feast« on June 12th, 2022 via Halvfabrikat Records.

»Spectre At The Feast« is available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube! Check out for physical pre-orders here.

01. Descent
02. Phantom Soul
03. This Path
04. Passed On
05. Draksådd
06. Undone
07. Unseen
08. Let It Lie
09. Like Dust
10. Corruption Of Form
11. Spectre At The Feast

Heavy and melodic. Punk, doom and metal with progressive elements.

Diakron is a band that grew out of a recording made by Andreas (ex-Counterblast, Hexgrafv), Palle and Jocke, also the former members of Counterblast and active in Sanctum and Pale. The idea was from the beginning to record some song ideas left after Counterblast closed in 2017. Once started, the song list was filled with new compositions and now, there are eleven of them. In terms of genre, we probably end up somewhere in punk/sludge/doom metal.

Get your copy here:

Diakron is:
Håkan Paulsson – Vocals, Keys and Noise
Joakim Engström – Vocals
Andreas Ågren – Guitar and Vocals
Simon Mårtenson – Guitar
Erik Johansson – Bass
Olof Gardestrand – Drums

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