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Swiss alternative metal band Trounce release new single and live video »The Circus«

Swiss alternative metal band Trounce is releasing today a new single »The Circus«, a live version taken from their upcoming debut album, »The Seven Crowns« + »Live at Roadburn«, which will be released on October 20th, 2023 via Hummus Records. This new heavy rock gem explores the noise rock side of the band.

Watch the official live video for »The Circus« shot at Roadburn Festival last April. The single is also available digitally on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms!

Courtesy of Epicerie Libre:

Trounce is the new band of Jonathan Nido (founder / CEO of Hummus Records and guitarist of Coilguns) surrounded by illustrious musicians gravitating around the Hummus Records label (details below). The project was instigated by the prestigious Roadburn Festival, the European Mecca of heavy music commissions Hummus Records in 2022 for an exclusive project to present on stage this year’s festival.

The album will be released as one piece of work including 11 songs recorded in the studio as well as 11 more from recorded live at Roadburn Festival. Both versions offer some unique tracks as well as some alternative versions of the same songs. »The Seven Crowns« will be available on Oct. 20th as a double CD including the Live at Roadburn recordings as well as on a deluxe triple vinyl edition.

Photo by Roberto Romano

About the new single »The Circus«:

“This live rendition of »The Circus« stands out as one of the few versions that closely mirrors the studio recording. However, it also serves as an outlier within the album. Amidst all the powerful blastbeats on the album, this track carries a distinct “noise-rock” essence, complemented by an industrial undertone. The vocals significantly amplify this sensation, making it a favorite for live performances as well. Even our lighting designer departed from the usual approach and aimed for something rawer, specifically tailored for this song. While not readily apparent to everyone, the inspiration behind this piece draws from the 18-minute monolithic track »Vasemman käden hierarkia«, featured in Oranssi Pazuzu’s 2016 masterpiece »Värähtelijä«. I must admit, I’m not deeply familiar with the band. It’s just this particular song that captivates me with its mesmerizing riff. Once again, this is my interpretation of something I’m fond of, and the outcome is a unique bastard-rock composition with straightforward riffs. These are elevated by Luc’s exceptionnally precise and groovy drumming, as well as Anna’s continuous infusion of noisy elements throughout the song. I hope this leaves listeners even more intrigued about Trounce’s distinctive sound.” — Jona Nido

Behind Trounce’s boastful name hides the Roadburn-instilled new projet of Jonathan Nido (mastermind of Hummus Records and guitar player in the infamous Coilguns): the European Mecca of heavy music commissions Hummus Records in 2022 for a exclusive projet to present on stage this year’s festival.

To honor that flattering proposal, Nido digs up from his covid-drawers some Dark Funeral inspired riffs, and gather a troup of noisemongers surrounding the label: the staggering Luc Hess (Coilguns, Louis Jucker, Closet Disco Queen) on drums, the falsely retired Renaud Meichtry (Kruger) on vocals, the young prodigy Léa Martinez (Svarts, Etienne Machine) on Moog and vocals, Naser Ardelean (Yrre) on guitar and the noisy Anna Sauter (Yrre, Dubuk) on samplers – with the massive help of Kevin Galland’s live sound and Guillaume Ducommun’s impressive lightshow.

Trounce play their seminal show on April 2023 in Tilburg (NL), blowing away the 2000 people attending Roadurn’s “Terminal” stage that day. In the meanwhile, what might have looked like a black-metal parade has turned into hybrid and epic reckless rock, merging ferocious blastbeats with shoegaze, doom, noise and refreshing punkness.

Trounce then dives, with reduced personal including Icare’s Axel Vuille on drums, in the recording of »The Seven Crowns«: a frantic interpretation of Roadburn repertoire boosted with another five shellacking songs. The eleven pieces switch from nocturnal to solar, feature epic charges and metallic bulk, topped with vocals between preaching and vociferation, about the usual topics – a lot of people dying, God the Father and the other way round.

The project serves as a playground for Jonathan Nido’s artistic deviations, and the band aims to deliver a complete experience from the studio to the live environment. With photographs by Roberto Romano and illustrations by Bryan Maita, Trounce also offers a very bleak yet beautiful visual landscape to complement their work.

Pre-order here:

Concerts in Switzerland:
06.10 – Saint-Gall (CH) – Palace
07.10 – Nyon (CH) – Usine à Gaz
28.10 – Fribourg (CH) – Fri-son [Hummus Fest]
03.11 – Zürich (CH) – Rote Fabrik
04.11 – Neuchâtel (CH) – Case à Chocs
18.11 – Bâle (CH) – Sommercasino [Hummus Fest]
02.12 – Genève (CH) – Groove
16.12 – Monthey (CH) – Pont Rouge – [Hummus Fest]

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