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Swiss atmospheric post-doom trio Kalkas stream their debut album »Envoûtante Sève«, out now via Table Basse Records

Lausane, Switzerland based atmospheric post-doom trio Kalkas stream their debut album, »Envoûtante Sève«, which was just released this Friday, April 8th, 2022 via Table Basse Records.

01. Au milieu du feu, il est leur guide
02. Ecorce tombante
03. Quand chantent les haches
04. L’homme qui pleure
05. Envoûtante Sève

Recorded and mixed by Léo Zrehen (DTR Prod).
Mastered by Lad Agabekov (Caduceus Studio, Nostromo).

Courtesy of Domino Media Group:

Naturalistic post-doom – including stoner and psych-rock elements – trio from Lausane and emerging from the amazing Swiss scene in 2019, Kalkas is about to release its debut full-length album called »Envoûtante Sève« and planned on LP/Digital on April 8th through Table Basse Records.

…For the record…

Beyond its musical dimension, Kalkas develops a conceptual universe around issues related to climate change and the anger this causes among the various members of the band.

Photo by Estelle Natas

In a romantic and dualistic approach, with some points of naturalistic contemplation, this album offers a first dive into the subdued atmosphere of a dark autumnal and forest mist. To a sound saturated with existential angst, the instruments respond to the call of Kalkas, a deep entity with a vague design for our humanities.

Punctuated with narrative and poetic vocal passages, the album »Envoûtante Sève« offers a first vision of this new world, under construction.

Kalkas is:
Pierre Guanzini – Guitar, Vocals
Maxime Sacchetto – Bass, Backing Vocals
Robin Oulevay – Drums

For fans of Electric Wizard, God Is Astronaut, Monkey3, Stoned Jesus…

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