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Swiss stoner rock trio Hook, Line and Sinker unveil the second single »Nurija« taken from their upcoming debut album

Swiss stoner rock trio Hook, Line and Sinker has unveiled their brand new single »Nurija«.

»Nurija« is the second single taken from the band’s upcoming debut album, »(Smooth Jazz Implies The Existence of) Rough Jazz«, out May 6th, 2022. The song was recorded at le Studio de la Fonderie in Fribourg and produced, mixed and mastered by Sacha Love.

The band comments: “Our second single »Nurija« is out on all platforms today 🔥🔥🔥 And yes, we do sing sometimes. Very thanks and much wow for 666MrDoom for premiering this track on his very cool channel, on which we already released our first EP from 2017!

We’ll have the pleasure to play this song amongst many other (also with cowbell) on May 6th at the Nouveau Monde! Until then, play this track loud and prepare your Oropax!”

01. Blood On The (Dance)Floor
02. Nurija
03. Holy Ghost
04. In&Out Burger
05. Devil Is On The Radio
06. These Patterns
07. Don’t Put Milk In My Coffee
08. Black Heart
09. Dawn

This first album is called »(Smooth Jazz Implies The Existence Of) Rough Jazz« in humorous reference to our rough and fuzz-loaded music. There is no jazz influence at all on the album. Instead, it is distorted pop music with fast and very slow riffs, lots of reverb and fuzz, a relentless drum and irresistible basslines. The album features nine tracks that best showcase the power trio’s machinery, fuzz worship and groove and form a cohesive whole. The album is a 44-minute journey through a dusty desert, with driving stoner rock, melancholy lyrics and plenty of songwriting twists and turns.

The album includes guest appearances by Sacha Love (guitar) as well as Manfred Jungo (saxophone) and Valentin Brügger (vocals) from Perspective Shifts, with whom the band share a long friendship. The recording of the album started at the end of 2018 and was completed in early 2022. All instruments, vocals and overdubs were recorded in collaboration with Sacha Ruffieux at Studio de la Fonderie. The mixing and mastering was also done by him. The basis of the songs was always recorded simultaneously live in order to capture the drive and the hardness of the power trio.

Photo by Luca Ellena

(to be tricked into believing something without any doubts)
Etymology: based on the idea of a fish so hungry it swallows the hook (the part that catches the fish), the line (the string) and the sinker (a weight attached to the line to keep it under water)

A three-piece-stoner-artillery getting their kicks in relentless riffs, fuzz pedals and rugs that really tie the room together. With Hook, Line and Sinker the Californian sun shines down so near and merciless with a inevitable psychedelic heat-death. Unbound desert rock, bursting grooves and tightness bespoke-suited. A loud and noisy fuzz brew and every drop of it is addictive. Only the essentials matter: fuzz-overdose, broken sticks and neck pain. Stoner, reduced to the max.

Founded in the fall of 2016 the bass-drum-stoner duo launched its first EP »Chainsw Backstab«. Guitarist Martino Lepori joined them 2018 and much has been changed since. More psychedelic madness has been added, without losing the harshness of the bassdriven sound and the tireless drums. The riffs are fatter and heavier then ever. During their shows, necks are getting maltreated in the heated fuzz sauna, the feedback gorges into the eardrums and the bass grunts deeply into the pit of the stomach.

Hook, Line and Sinker are:
Benjamin Schneuwly – Drums
Martino Lepori – Guitar, Vocals
Samuel Riedo – Bass, Vocals, Gong

Sacha Ruffieux – Fuzz on a lot of tracks
Valentin Brügger – Vocals on »Devil Is On The Radio«
Manfred Jungo – Sax on »Don’t Put Milk In My Coffee«

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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