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Tasmanian cosmic psych rockers Golden Sunbird return with their second EP »Inner Landscapes // Outer Worlds«

Lutruwita, North West Tasmania based cosmic psych rockers Golden Sunbird return with their second EP, »Inner Landscapes // Outer Worlds«, which was released on August 9th, 2023.

01. Inner Landscapes
02. Endless Blue
03. Electromagnetic Waves
04. Crystal Transmissions
05. Escape Pod (Rettungskapsel)
06. Elon Musk Enters The Fifth Dimension
07. Outer Worlds

Cosmic psych rock from outer space!

Strap in your seatbelts and prepare for a cosmic journey through space and time. The Golden Sunbird Starship has entered from a parallel dimension to bring you interstellar space rock jams, filled with hypnotic guitar solo’s, whaling theremins and synth soaked walls of sound ✨🖖🏽🛸

»Inner Landscapes // Outer Worlds« is the second EP release of space rock band Golden Sunbird.🛸🛰

Following on from their first self-titled released in 2021, this EP explores the parallels between the unknowns of space and the depths of the human subconscious.

Continuing the cosmic, psychedelic space rock sound inspired by early Pink Floyd and other pioneers it also begins pushing into new territory with cleaner production and more realized ideas & developed song writing. Skylark features on the lead vocals throughout this EP and also shows more experimentation with the mix of electronic synthesizers with organic instruments that gives a futuristic yet human sound.

We hope it entrances and teleports you to another world. 🛸🪐✨💯

Stay tuned fellow Cosmonauts ✨

All music written, recorded & mixed by Luke Thomas (Golden Sunbird).
Mastered by Adib Parker (Cheekbone)
Cover art by Jonathan Thomas.

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