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Hidden Gems & Guilty Pleasures: Tau Cross (UK)

Tau Cross (Crust Punk/Metal, UK)

Tau Cross formed in 2013 as a international veteran punk/metal collective revolving around Amebix bassist/frontman Rob Miller, Voivod drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin, and members of cult crust outfit Misery and War//Plague. Tau Cross presents a unique musical approach ranging from dark folk witchery to industrial punk metal brutalism.

The band’s third album, »Messengers Of Deception«, was originally scheduled for release on August 8th, 2019, but was ultimately withdrawn by Relapse Records due to Rob Miller mentioning Gerard Menuhin, a well-known conspiracy theorist and holocaust denier, in the album’s thanks list. The label reportedly destroyed all the pressed records; however, an unknown number of copies somehow survived and got into the band’s possession. Tau Cross were also dropped by Relapse. Additionally, the controversy caused members Michel Langevin (Voivod), Andy Lefton (War//Plague), John Misery (Misery), and Tom Radio (Frustration) to leave the band.

After laying dormant for the remainder of 2019, the band, now consisting of Rob, and new members The Kurgan (guitars) and Talamh (drums), resurfaced in 2020 and re-recorded parts of the album and removed some of the existing songs and replaced them with new ones. »Messengers Of Deception« was released though Heretical Music, as distributed by the Easy Action label in October 2020. Heretical/Easy Action will also reissue the first two Tau Cross albums.

»Messengers Of Deception« is an epic journey both lyrically and sonically, as Rob ‘The Baron’ Miller grapples with the cosmological origins of evil and deception and the way they have manifested in our world over millennia.

»Tau Cross« (Relapse Records, 2015)
»Pillar Of Fire« (Relapse Records, 2017)
»Messengers Of Deception« (Heretical Music, 2020)

For fans of Amebix, Voivod, Killing Joke, Misery, Motörhead, Doom

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

One thought on “Hidden Gems & Guilty Pleasures: Tau Cross (UK)

  1. Love Tau Cross and looking forward to getting the new album. I just hope I get to see live here in the states. I never got to see Amebix and I will always regret that. Stay well Rob.

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