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The Re-Stoned stream their brand new album »Stories Of The Astral Lizard Vol. 2«, out now via Kozmik Artifactz and Qiasum Music

Moscow, Russia based psychedelic stoner rock trio The Re-Stoned stream their brand new album, »Stories Of The Astral Lizard Vol. 2«, which just dropped on May 20th, 2022 via Kozmik Artifactz and Qiasum Music.

01. Spheres
02. The Fourth Astral Projection
03. Lucid Dream
04. A Legend Of Transparent Flowers
05. Astral Realm
06. Liquid Spores
07. They Appear At Night
08. Fluorescent Essence
09. Gift Of The Lizard
10. Green Neon
11. Where Does This Road Go

The Re-Stoned is an instrumental power trio from Moscow, Russia, which is generally considered by many as a ‘psychedelic stoner rock’ underground act because of the band’s remarkable heavily fuzzed guitar sound, that is empowered by confident old-school muscular riffing.

The band about their new album: “After almost 6 years passed we start feeling the same vibrations like saying ‘isn’t it the right time to do such kind of jam again to see how much progress we made since then?’ In February 2020 Evgeniy Tkachev finally made it to Moscow from distant Siberia with his good old djembe drum and we were lucky enough to record a lot of new material in 4 days. By the way it’s worth mentioning that the song »Rusty Shuffle« was initially recorded for the album »Stories Of The Astral Lizard Vol. 2« but later was re-recorded with the full drum set and made it to the »Thunders Of The Deep« album. All guitar parts, mandolin, effects and even some bass parts I recorded myself, more complicated bass parts were recorded by our incredible bassist Vladimir Kislyakov. The unique flute and clarinet player Maxim Dobromyslov participated as a guest as well. I’m curious what would you say discovering a clarinet sound in The Re-Stoned? Anyway it was a great feeling of magic in the studio. Of course, our new album transmits different feelings and vibrations comparing to the »Part 1«.

Photo by Roman Fedotov

In J.R.R.Tolkien’s »The Lord Of The Rings« Gandalf says ‘A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.’ So, rephrasing the classic quote I can say that ‘The Lizard is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to.’ Which is the particular case with our new album. We promise to take you to another journey through the stories of the Astral Lizard, but are you ready to travel?”

LP version released by Kozmik Artifactz
CD version released by Qiasum Music

Recorded at Rushus Studio 2020.
Mixed by Ilya Lipkin, mastered by Tobias Svensson & Janne Stark.
Cover art by Alexander (Arzamas) Zhelonkin.
Layout design by Ilya Lipkin.
Photo by Anastasia Rodina (Rodinaatphoto).

The Re-Stoned are:
Ilya Lipkin – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, FX, Bass, Mandolina
Evgeniy Tkachev (aka Rasputin) – Percussion, Cymbals
Vladimir Kislyakov – Bass

Guest musician:
Alexander Dobromyslov – Flute, Clarinet

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