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The Well stream a cover of Depeche Mode’s classic »I Feel You«

The Well cover the classic »I Feel You« by Depeche Mode off the album »Songs Of Faith And Devotion« from 1993.

»I Feel You« is the first in a series of their quarantine covers EP, entitled »Love Song Demos«, dropping on Bandcamp.

The Well on why do a cover song: “We haven’t done covers often, we’ve done a couple. It’s great practice to get into the minds of other musicians, it’s weird, it’s out of our comfort zone. It helps progression to be out of that comfort zone, outside of our genre. There’s an obvious respect value, where we’re dealing with musicians that we admire and their creations.”

“At its core, »I Feel You« is a stripped down blues song. It has an ominous feel to it. What Depeche Mode did with this track was simple brilliance. The riff is great, and we wanted to roll with that, but make it more guitar focused. Depeche Mode is one of my favorite bands to listen to because of the heavy emotional content and Dave Gahan’s vocal delivery. It’s passionate and there’s this underlying desperation or sadness there constantly that’s transcendent beyond any one song but especially encapsulated in this one. The kind of sadness that unexpectedly puts me in a good mood, uplifts. If you look at our lyrics, there’s always been a dark, romantic edge. This isn’t too off of the mark,” the band about this particular Depeche Mode song.

“While Depeche Mode is known as a synth heavy band, part of the 80s New Wave, we decided to stay The Well with this cover and emulate those synth overtones and noise with affected guitar and bass.

We’re planning on doing a series of these covers, released under the moniker of »Love Song Demos«, recorded the quarantine way – individually in our practice space.”

The Well is:
Ian Graham – Guitars, Vocals
Lisa Alley – Bass, Vocals
Jason Sullivan – Drums

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