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These Beasts stream a cover of Alice In Chains’ classic »Sickman« taken from upcoming tribute album, »Dirt (Redux)«

Chicago, Illinois based stoner/sludge metal band These Beasts stream a cover of Alice In Chains’ classic »Sickman« taken from upcoming tribute album, »Dirt (Redux)«, set to release on September 18th, 2020 via Magnetic Eye Records partners Redux Records.

Dirt (Redux) tracklist:
01. Thou – Them Bones
02. Low Flying Hawks – Dam That River
03. High Priest – Rain When I Die
04. Khemmis – Down In A Hole
05. These Beasts – Sickman
06. Howling Giant – Rooster
07. Forming The Void – Junkhead
08. Somnuri – Dirt
09. Backwoods Payback – God Smack
10. Black Electric – Iron Gland
11. -(16)- – Hate To Feel
12. Vokonis – Angry Chair
13. The Otolith – Would?

These Beasts comment on »Sickman« and Alice In Chains:
“We have never really played a cover song as a band in the first place, much less recorded one to go an album. So listening to what might be one of Alice In Chains’ most unconventional songs musically, »Sickman«, at first we were a bit apprehensive, and we spent a couple of months just talking about how we should approach it before we even started learning it. We are proud of what we came up with to keep it sounding like These Beasts while still being able to deliver a version that hardcore Alice In Chains fans might enjoy.

»Dirt« came out when I was a kid. I was really into Facelift and Dirt when they came out and enjoyed some Alice In Chains stuff after those albums, but I didn’t really keep up with them. Fast forward to new Alice In Chains and I really like what they are doing. As a guitar player, I have always respected and admired what Jerry Cantrell has been doing. He is a great guitarist, much more than I am and that is the reason is why I asked my friend Dallas Thomas (Pelican, The Swan King, Asschapel), another guitar player who’s playing I admire, to come in and play some leads on the recording. He blasted out within a couple of hours what would have taken me days or weeks to figure out.”

Pummeling sludge and deep doom like a giant cosmic hammer, These Beasts pound through some of the heaviest grunge riffs of the decade for a truly vicious and primal performance.

These Beasts is:
Chris Roo – Guitar, Vocals
Keith Anderson – Drums
Todd Fabian – Bass, Vocals

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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