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Trebuchet featuring members of Dark Matter, Minor Planet and Eldritch Rites presents their sophomore album »Harbinger«

UK proto-doom/psych/prog rock duo Trebuchet featuring Dave Gilbert (Dark Matter, Minor Planet) and Shayne Joseph (Eldritch Rites) presents their sophomore album, »Harbinger«, which was released on July 29th, 2021.

01. Harbinger
02. Marston Moor
03. Don’t Burn The Witches
04. Plague Bearer
05. In Dreams We See
06. Night Rain
07. And Now We See…
08. The Work Of A Demon

Visiting Castle Hedingham in Essex in 2016, gave Dave the idea of what to call his new recording project. Trebuchet, a huge medieval sling, in which objects are catapulted.

It gave an imagary, perfect for what he was trying to achieve musically. Total chaos!!! Well, not quite, but a nod back to the bands who did their own thing, back when heavy rock was in its infancy. That’s exactly Trebuchet.

Taken from the heart of the late 60’s, early 70’s proto-doom, psych, prog madness. Trebuchet has no genre boundaries.

All tracks written by Trebuchet.
Lyrics for »Plague Bearer« and »In Dreams We See« by Shayne Joseph, »And Now We See…« by Shayne Joseph and Dave Gilbert.
All other lyrics by Dave Gilbert.
Produced by Trebuchet.
Mixed and mastered by Dave Gilbert.

Trebuchet is:
Shayne Joseph – Lead and Rhythm Guitars and Lead and Backing Vocals
Dave Gilbert – Rhythm Guitars, Percussion, Bass, Keys and Lead Vocals

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