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UK doom/post-metal trio The Salt Pale Collective dropped their debut full-length album »A Body That Could Pass Through Stones And Trees«

UK doom/post-metal band The Salt Pale Collective stream their debut full-length album, »A Body That Could Pass Through Stones And Trees«, which just dropped on August 25th, 2023. Features companion soundtrack »The Crimson Queen Has No Tongue«.

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01. Tria Prima
02. The Great Work
03. The Metabaron
04. Exploding Triangles
05. Sermon Of The Edacious Revenant
06. A Body That Could Pass Through Stones And Trees
07. The King Crowned In Red

The Salt Pale Collective comments: “»A Body That Could Pass Through Stones And Trees« is out now!

We would like to thank a few special people: Barney Hodges, Annina Melissa, Rhys McCubbin, Nick Yule, Richard Parsons, Neil Adamson, Dan Thornton, Sara and Paul Mac, Alan, Baz, Ian, Lauren, Mark, Marco, Matt, Muckrel, Pete, Steve, Smellyot, Steven R, Nathaniel Williams, Ethan Hutchinson, Ash Cook, Abigail Dixon, Liam Hesslewood, Decadebridge and Al Harris. You’ve all been invaluable in the creation of the album.

Most importantly, to you all! You’ve all helped us through some pretty dark times in the creation of this album by showing endless support. Thank you.”

Photo by Al Harris

The Salt Pale Collective bring you crushing guitars, forlorn vocals and synthesiser madness from the grim and frostbitten North (of England).

Coming together in 2021 when Alex and Dave from Cumbrian band The Sun Explodes wanted to make something much more raw and primal. Adding Dan from Yorkshire with his synths and modular gear to bring chaos and dissonance to the oceans of low riffs, choral vocals and guttural harshness.

The self-titled »The Salt Pale Collective« EP was the debut recording of the North of England based outfit.

Now, inspired by the great work of alchemy, the desire to return to the prelapsarian non binary state where opposites are unified, The Salt Pale Collective have used the wildly contrasting vocals of Dave and Alex along with Dan’s electronic interventions to create an album of seemingly disparate parts joining together to form something truly unique.

»A Body That Could Pass Through Stones And Trees« features artists, poets, musicians and technical creatives weaving a dark sonic tapestry of esotericism and chaos.

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Produced by The Salt Pale Collective and Andy Mallaby.
Mastered by Swift Mastering.
The Salt Pale Collective are Dave, Dan and Alex.

For fans of Blood Incantation, Cult Of Luna, Amenra, Neurosis, ​Baroness, Emma Ruth Rundle

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