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Ukrainian funeral doom/death metal solo project Fretting Obscurity announce second album »Das Unglückliche Bewußtsein«; out May 10th via Bitume Prods!

Kyiv, Ukraine based funeral doom/death metal solo project Fretting Obscurity has announced second album, entitled »Das Unglückliche Bewußtsein«, which will be released on May 10th, 2024 via Bitume Prods.

01. As In Creation Hour
02. Das Heilige
03. To Burn Insatiably
04. Das Schaudern

Courtesy of Bitume Prods:

The label’s next release will be the new album from the Fretting Obscurity project!

The new album from Fretting Obscurity, »Das Unglückliche Bewußtsein«, draws inspiration from the tragic worldview of pre-Socratic and classical German philosophy.

The album consists of four songs that set the poetry of classic European authors to 50 minutes of music in a style of flowing, melodic funeral doom. The musical canvas is complemented by oppressive inserts of doom-death, black, and post-metal, creating an atmosphere of existential uncertainty, helplessness, abandonment, and dark despair.

Available from May 10 as digipack CD and digital via the Bitume Prods label.

Composed and recorded by Yaroslav Yakos, Kyiv, 2021-2022.
Mixed and mastered by Volodymyr Trofimov, Pavlohrad, 2023.
Artworks: Heraclitus – Johannes Moreelse / Bridge Over Chaos – John Martin / Vanitas – Jaco de Gheynd.
Layout promo CD by Derrek.

The one-man project Fretting Obscurity, led by Yaroslav Yakos, fully formed in 2017. It was then, influenced by existentialist literature, that Yaroslav finished working on his first demo.

The first album »Flags In The Dust« came out a year later in-2018, received moderately positive reviews, and became the debut of the month on

Stylistically, Fretting Obscurity’s music belongs to those exemplary samples of funeral doom metal that arise from following the “three guitar canon” pioneered by the legendary Mournful Congregation.

Characteristics of this style are an extreme tone and tempo (lawSislow?: the simultaneous sounding of two or three (sometimes more) leading guitars, and the predominance of melody and solo over riffs and rhythm.

Currently the one-man band remains a studio project, but Yaroslav does not rule out the idea of embarking on live performances in the future.

FFO: Mournful Congregation, Evoken, Ataraxie

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