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US ambient sludge/post-metal band Shy, Low announce new EP »Babylonica« + European tour in May!

Richmond, Virginia based ambient sludge/post-metal band Shy, Low has announced their new EP, »Babylonica«, which will be released on May 26th, 2023.

01. The Salix
02. 33°24_06.0_N 84°14_48.7_W
03. Instinctual Estrangement

Courtesy of Push Media Promotion:

Richmond, VA’s Shy, Low are back with a new EP, following their critically acclaimed 2021 Pelagic debut and 6th studio album »Snake Behind The Sun«.

Shy, Low are true masters of the craft of stark contrasts and broad dynamics, from delicate crescendos to the sheer power of the riff… a craft that lies at the heart of every outstanding instrumental rock record. The four-piece is conjuring up outstanding compostitions that are brimming with creativity, intensity and groove – music that is intricate and mature, yet gloriously anthemic at the same time.

Though entirely instrumental, reducing the band’s contemporary sound to the term “post-rock” wouldn’t do this EP justice: there is much more to it than lengthy dramatic build-ups and bittersweet melodies played by delay-drenched guitars. »Babylonica« is an astounding and immensely diverse EP that will appeal to fans sitting on all ends of the broad spectrum of modern heavy rock music.

Shy, Low is:
Greg Peterson – Guitar
Zak Bryant – Guitar
Drew Storcks – Bass
Dylan Partridge – Drums

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