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US bass and drum duo Space Players unveil their brand new single »Dirty Spaces«

US bass and drum duo Space Players has just unveiled their brand new single, called »Dirty Spaces«.

Space Players are a bass and drum duo from the Northwestern USA. Mixing a bold cocktail of deep groove and sonic exploration that is more than the sum of its parts, the project hearkens back to when a rhythm section was an unstoppable unit. This is what Space Players brings forth; a unified vibe for a burning world.

Brad Beckwith (bass/guitars/keyboards) and Jared Smith (drums/percussion/keyboards/programming) use this freedom of this band to create music in various genres the two have always enjoyed, from funk, reggae, and neo-soul to doom and heavy metal, and nu-hardcore. These boys have a penchant for collaboration with artists of all kinds as well, so feel free to reach out on their social sites.

Space Players are:
Brad Beckwith – Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Engineering
Jared Smith – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals

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