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US heavy psychedelic alternative rockers Miscellen return with their fourth album »Silver Tongued Psychodrome«

Washington, D.C. based heavy psychedelic alternative rockers Miscellen return with their fourth album, »Silver Tongued Psychodrome«, which was just released on June 16th, 2023.

01. Peach
02. U-shnt
03. Rosewater
04. Freak Out At Funland
05. Monkey Fist
06. X
07. Bicycle Day
08. Memento

So here you are… a few inadvertent clicks and you’re back into some shadowy corner of the internet. Maybe this is just another in a series of questionable life choices, or maybe you lucked out this time and found something warm and fuzzy for your short-and-curlies. Either way, you’re not alone… looking for a momentary escape, only to realize that the only way out is further in. So, against your better judgment, through a cloud of smoke and pool of wax, it’s time for a trip through the macabre world that is the »Silver Tongued Psychodrome« – the 4th album from Miscellen.

What is Miscellen? An abbreviation for: various, eclectic, unlisted, untitled, unknown, indeterminate, diverse, not worth naming. Sounds about right.

With their 4th album, Miscellen has distilled a pure form of lecherous, psychedelic rock with both wailing vocals and snide narrations, thick and slinky bass grooves, and rhythms like the pulse of a heartless society.

»Silver Tongued Psychodrome« comes in hot with the opening track, Peach, where a sweet riff only partly masks its otherwise caustic flavor. And even before you’re done licking your chops, it’s right into the unrelenting rock-steady swag of »U-shnt«. There’s sly allure and “razzle-dazzle” with »Rosewater« and »X«, some mischief and mayhem with Freak Out at Funland and »Monkey Fist«, and a sick joke as a sordid keepsake with the closing track, »Memento«.

Miscellen’s style isn’t a mixed bag…it’s a dark velvet sack cinched with rope that you’ve got to stick your hand in to find out what’s inside. So close your eyes, relax your eager fingers, and join Miscellen for a late night rendezvous – far past safe – in a place where absurdity is accepted and irreverence the norm.

»Silver Tongued Psychodrome« is available via Bandcamp on June 16, 2023 as digital download, CD, and 12″ Vinyl, and will be available on Spotify and other platforms in the coming days.

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Miscellen.

Get »Silver Tongued Psychodrome« on CD, vinyl and digital:

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