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US melodic death/doom metal band Fires In The Distance unleash new single and visualizer video »Idiopathic Despair«

US melodic death/doom metal band Fires In The Distance has unleashed a visualizer video for the third single »Idiopathic Despair« taken from their sophomore studio album, »Air Not Meant For Us«, to be released on April 28th, 2023 via Prosthetic Records.

Directed by Jayson Cessna and Paul Fuzinski (Astralborne).

01. Harbingers
02. Wisdom Of The Falling Leaves
03. Crumbling Pillars Of A Tranquil Mind
04. Adrift, Beneath The Listless Waves
05. Psalm Of The Merciless
06. Idiopathic Despair

Courtesy of Prosthetic Records:

Connecticut, US melodic death/doom metal band Fires In The Distance have today shared their new single and an accompanying visualizer, »Idiopathic Despair«. »Idiopathic Despair« is the third track to be taken from Fires In The Distance’s upcoming second album, »Air Not Meant For Us«, and is one of the sophomore album’s more introspective tracks. »Air Not Meant For Us« due for release on April 28 via Prosthetic Records.

Pre-order »Air Not Meant For Us« here.

Speaking on the single release Yegor Savonin (composition, guitars, programming, lyrics) comments: “»Idiopathic Despair« is one of the most powerful and sinister tracks from »Air Not Meant For Us«, and also serves as the record’s epilogue. As a deeply personal segment, the song covers introspection into some of the most brutal and debilitating aspects of living with chronic depression, and depicts interior collisions with something that cannot always be expected or controlled.”

On their second album, Fires In The Distance further expand on their musical foundations of wistful melodicism, crushingly heavy guitar work and intricate atmospherics. Across »Air Not Meant For Us«’ six tracks, Fires In The Distance tie together intensely personal ruminations on mental health and themes of existentialism in the form of mortality salience, without losing sight of the importance of perseverance.

Teaming up with Salt Lake City producer Randy Slaugh, Fires In The Distance’s chief songwriter Yegor Savonin (composition, guitars, programming, lyrics) sought to reach even greater dynamics within the band’s core sound of melodic death and doom metal. With live orchestration in the form of violas, violins, cellos, as well as piano work, proving to be an incredibly fruitful collaborative process for both band and producer.

»Air Not Meant For Us« marks the first time the band have recorded with new drummer, Jordan Rippe, who delivers his own wide range of ornate work and feeling to the group’s established sound. Whilst drums for the album were recorded at the historic Power Station New England, the rest of the instruments were tracked at Studio Wormwood in North Carolina with returning producer, Dave Kaminsky, who handled recording and mixing in both studios.

In addition to the collaboration with Randy Slaugh, the album also features a guest appearance from Burial In The Sky guitarist James Tomedi on instrumental track »Adrift, Beneath The Listless Waves«, who’s deft fretwork adds an additional layer of dynamic sheen.

Kristian Grimaldi’s thunderous vocal delivery compliments the album’s composition strongly and projects the songs to a greater level of formidability. The record is rounded out by Craig Breitsprecher’s complex and serpentine bass work which weave throughout the LP with an imperative sense of cohesion.

Seeking to retain aesthetic continuity, Fires In The Distance once again reached out to Caelan Stokkermans for the album’s art and layout, which masterfully conveys »Air Not Meant For Us«’ emotional core. With a runtime of 51 minutes across six songs, Fires In The Distance’s sophomore effort is a melodic doom and death metal odyssey in both artistic vision and sound.

Fires In The Distance is:
Craig Breitsprecher – Bass, Backing Vocals
Kristian Grimaldi – Guitar, Vocals
Yegor Savonin – Guitar
Jordan Rippe – Drums

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