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US melodic death/doom metal band Hinayana share new single and a lyric video »A Tide Unturning« feat. Tuomas Saukkonen of Wolfheart!

Austin, Texas based melodic death/doom metal band Hinayana share new single and a lyric video »A Tide Unturning« featuring guest vocals by Tuomas Saukkonen of Wolfheart. »A Tide Unturning« is taken from the band’s forthcoming album, »Shatter And Fall«, set to release this Friday, November 10th, 2023 via Napalm Records.

Says the band: “We proudly present to you our newest single »A Tide Unturning« featuring Tuomas Saukkonen of Wolfheart! It was an honor to have the vocalist from one of our favorite bands featured on this track.”

01. Slowly Light Collides
02. Mind Is A Shadow (feat. Vincent Jackson Jones)
03. How Many Dreams
04. Spirit And Matter
05. From Our Darkest Moments
06. Reverse The Code
07. Lost To Flame
08. The Answer
09. Triptych Visions
10. A Tide Unturning (feat. Tuomas Saukkonen)
11. Taken (Re-recorded)
12. A Tide Unturning feat. Tuomas Saukkonen (Single Edit)

Courtesy of Napalm Records:

After releasing just one demo EP, Austin, Texas based melodic death metal up-and-comers Hinayana turned heads in 2018 with their self-released debut, »Order Divine«. After ensnaring the ears of Napalm Records A&R shortly after, they released their label debut, the »Death Of The Cosmic« EP, only months into the pandemic. Now, the band returns with their long-anticipated sophomore full-length, »Shatter And Fall«, out November 10, 2023 via Napalm Records – and it proves well worth the wait. Produced by frontman Casey Hurd and Kevin Butler with mastering by Dan Swanö at Unisound, the album serves as a darker, more solemn work in comparison to their debut, yet superior without question in songwriting, technicality and cohesiveness. Setting them apart from genre greats like Insomnium, Amorphis and Swallow The Sun, Hinayana incorporate more modern, accessible elements, emerging as a fresh entry in this year’s most unmissable metal offerings.

Floating on a frigid breeze of clean guitar leads suddenly met with cavernous rhythm guitars, introductory track »Slowly Light Collides« opens the heavy gates of »Shatter And Fall« without hesitation, setting the stage for its impending intensity with a potent mixture of headbang-inducing heaviness and hair-raising melodies and harmonies. Second track »Mind Is A Shadow«, featuring guest vocals from Vincent Jackson Jones of Napalm Records labelmates and fellow American melodic death metal frontrunners Aether Realm, hits equally hard with a gripping, chunky verse riff and searing chorus. Frontman Casey Hurd’s deep growls juxtapose effortlessly with Jones’s skyscraper screams before a seizing solo from Erik Shtaygrud marks the track’s apex.

Anthems like »How Many Dreams«, »The Answer« and enthralling groove machine »Reverse The Code« – the latter boasting one of the album’s most flourishing closer passages – march further into the icy depths with catchy chorus progressions, engaging verses and technical aptitude – proving »Shatter And Fall« as a multifaceted melodeath record blending progressive touches with punishing extremity. Powerful »Spirit And Matter« and somber yet essential, spine-tingling »Triptych Visions« feature some of the album’s most melancholic and introspective moments, traversing expansive peaks and valleys of deep metallic intensity and some of the album’s most delicate, acoustic-driven moments. The implementation of diverse styles, showcased by the varied instrumentation and intensity of songs like touching interlude »From Our Darkest Moments«, versus massive, crushing sonic saga »Lost To Flame«, poise the band for undeniable recognition.

All-consuming single »A Tide Unturning«, featuring guest vocal contributions from labelmate Tuomas Saukkonen of Finnish melodic death icons Wolfheart, shines as the most desolate summit of »Shatter And Fall«, serving as one of the most brutalizing yet pensive ballads of 2023. The album ends on the grimmest note of all with blackened closer »Taken«, a re-recorded, renewed look back at a track originally released on the band’s 2014 demo »Endless« – marking an apt finish to an contemplative, emotional album tangling with themes of fate, grief and inevitable consequence.

»Shatter And Fall« not only proves itself as an impressive sophomore entry for Hinayana, but a benchmark in the annals of American melodic death metal history!

Pre-order »Shatter And Fall« HERE!

Produced by Casey Hurd and Kevin Butler at Test Tube Audio.
Recorded by Casey Hurd (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Kevin Butler at Test Tube Audio (Drums, Acoustic Guitars).
Mixed by Kevin Butler at Test Tube Audio.
Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.
Artwork by Travis Smith.

Hinayana is:
Casey Hurd – Guitar, Vocals
Erik Shtaygrud – Guitar
Daniel Vieira – Drums
Michael Anstice – Keyboards
Matt Bius – Bass

Hinayana Live:
09/11 (DE) Trier, Mergener Hof
10/11 (NL) Helmond, Cacaofabriek
11/11 (DE) Essen, Turock
12/11 (AT) Innsbruck, PMK
13/11 (SI) Ljubljana, Orto Bar
14/11 (DE) Munich, Backstage Halle
15/11 (HU) Budapest, Barba Negra
16/11 (AT) Vienna, Szene
17/11 (DE) Leipzig, Hellraiser
18/11 (DE) Weissenhäuser Strand, Metal Hammer Paradise
19/11 (DE) Berlin, ORWO Haus
20/11 (CZ) Prague, Futurum
21/11 (PL) Warsaw, Hydrozagadka
22/11 (PL) Krakow, Kamienna12
23/11 (DE) Dresden, Chemiefabrik
24/11 (DE) Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex
25/11 (DE) Hannover, Musikzentrum
26/11 (NL) Maastricht, Muziekgieterij
*Wolfheart and Before The Dawn only

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