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US stoner/doom metal trio Dust Prophet to release new album »One Last Look Upon The Sky«

Stoner and doom metal trio Dust Prophet are preparing to unleash the new album »One Last Look Upon The Sky« on January 27th, 2023. Their emphatic sound is an offering of soundscapes, deafening distortion and compelling ingenuity.

The band comments: “»One Last Look Upon The Sky« is a huge milestone for us. It’s taken us 4 years to get to this point, and we had a lot of sidesteps and roadblocks along the way. There were times we weren’t sure we would ever make it to this point, and now, finally here we are! Releasing this album is a huge moment for us as a band- it represents all our hard work and the sacrifice each one of us made to bring this project to fruition.

We’re incredibly proud of the songs we’ve written and recorded. All three of us and our various influences are represented equally in the compositions. That is an aspect we really want to explore further, and develop as we move forward with newer written material.

My greatest wish is that the listening public will connect with our songs and relate to what we’re doing. That’s really all we can ask for as artists.” – Otto/Sarah/Tyler

The Manchester, New Hampshire based outfit was born in 2018. Musically inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Tool and Clutch, they draw lyrically from classic literary works including the epic poem »Paradise Lost«, Gothic writers Flannery O’Connor, Ray Russell, and apocalyptic Biblical legends. Immersing in an eerie atmosphere, »A Storm Of Time_Space Part 1« begins the album with a foreboding tone. Apocalyptic moods run through the exploration of humanity’s successes and failings across Dust Prophet’s music. Deliciously distorted guitar tones power through »The Axe Falls«, and powerful vocals allude to the oncoming darkness. Sonorous bass notes resonate, bringing an immense sense of power to »Song 4«. Synthesizers and keys weave eerie elements among the heavy instruments and enhance the overall sound. Contrasting the delicate and the hard-hitting, »The High Capital« brings a striking opposition of styles to emphasize the theme of the track. »Bury Me Before Noon« unleashes a bewitching conclusion to »One Last Look Upon The Sky«. From haunting chants and demonic growls, to folk instrumentation and an unceasing gloom, it’s an enchanting experience.

Dust Prophet are taking the stoner and doom scene by storm. Heavy rhythms, dynamic atmospheric composition and powerful execution give »One Last Look Upon The Sky« an epic edge that is sure to appeal to fans across the genre – assuming the world doesn’t end first.

Otto Kinzel – Guitar/Vocals
Sarah Wappler – Bass/Keyboards
Tyler MacPherson – Drums

(Courtesy of C Squared Music)

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