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US stoner/doom/sludge one-man band Beastial Piglord stream his brand new album »Funeral Home«

Kinston, North Carolina based stoner/doom/sludge one-man band Beastial Piglord stream his brand new album »Funeral Home«, which was released on January 1st, 2022.

Mastermind Hudson Conner comments: “If you like bands with silly names and Sabbathy riffs then this album is for you! Stoner rock/doom metal/sludge metal all blended together to create one delicious flavor. Beastial Piglord’s 25th or 26th album (I cant every remember how many albums I’ve made) »Funeral Home« is written, recorded and produced single handedly by yours truly. Hope you all enjoy and Happy New Year! Be nice to each other this year! Make Earth a more pleasant place to live, because we are all stuck on this dirtball 😁”

01. Frank The Mortician
02. Arrangement Room
03. Dead Body Man
04. Set The Features
05. Left Over Right
06. Presentation And Preservation
07. You Look So Peaceful
08. Committal Service
09. The Cavalcade

Beastial Piglord is a one man music making machine of many subgenres, but primarily focuses on groovy doom sludge, grunge etc.. making records since 2012 and never will quit.

“I make music for people who enjoy this style of music, heavy music in general and I also dabble in other non metal genres such as acoustic rock, ambient atmospheric music and also 90s hip hop style all with my own unique twist on it . I try my best to make my music as accessible as possible and all my digital albums are completely free on Bandcamp. And they always will be. I dont care about money I only care about people enjoying my life work. Here you will be able to buy my merch and I only sell it to break even for shipping and production cost.” adds Conner.

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