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US stoner/doom trio The Company Corvette released new full-length album »Little Blue Guy«, out now via Strange Mono Records

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based stoner/doom trio The Company Corvette stream their fourth full-length album, »Little Blue Guy«, which was just released on December 1st, 2023 via Strange Mono Records.

01. Little Blue Guy
02. Marshmallow
03. Out Of Control
04. Brain Cells…But Who’s Buying
05. Stupid
06. Drag
07. Ted Tedder
08. Lit The Wrong End

Courtesy of Discipline PR:

“With a multitude of different styles of doom, sludge and stoner metal being played on the record where Anarchy reigns supreme with The Corvette Company providing one of the best undiscovered gems of the underground scene this late in the day.” — Outlaws Of The Sun

“An amp worshiping droning dirge of doom, with tangly psychedelic guitar riffing on top of a oh-so-dirty bass groove.” — Doomed & Stoned

Strange Mono is announcing the release of the fourth full-length record from Philly’s stoned 3 piece The Company Corvette. Alexei Korolev and Ross Pritchett have been at it as The Company Corvette for over 15 years. After 3 albums they welcomed in drummer Zach Price, who proved to be a perfect fit. Their new record »Little Blue Guy« was recorded across the river in NJ, once again with Matt Weber at The Gradwell House. The addition of Zach to the line up, and sticking to what they dig most, their “vision”, if you will, however blurry it may have been, set this album up as their best work to date. As with the last album, the cover features artwork by legendary Drew Elliott (Midnight, Amorphis, Blood Feast, Necrophagia, etc.) almost makes it look better than it sounds – and it sounds pretty awesome!

Photo by Nelson Carlson

Formed in 2005 The Company Corvette has shared the stage with countless legendary acts – Weedeater, Pentagram, The Obsessed, The Mentors and Truckfighters to name a few – blasting fans with their heavy stoner rock. This new album showcases the band’s pursuit of their singular vision. Covering the spectrum from misery laden doom, sludgy weirdness, heavy metal, dumb’n’fun rock’n’roll. This is stoner rock gone metal-and-back. There are riffs, there’s hooks, there are shreds and roars and psychedelic freakouts and they mean every bit of it.

The titular track »Little Blue Guy« is pure Corvette; a massive dirge of swirling fuzzed out guitars, subdued vocals, and drumming so heavy and precise it’s sure to rattle your chest. “Doom as f*ck. Slow and heavy as we can stand it, with a slab of minimalist psychedelia in the middle – a vacuum of sorts to suck out your brain and then slowly regurgitate it back in. Lyrics stem from that time we ate mushrooms in my (Alexei) old tiny apartment and Ross saw something, or someone.”

As the album progresses tracks like »Out Of Control« and »Brain Cells…But Who’s Buying« ramp up the sludgy rock sound akin to early Melvins with solos. »Drag« stands out with its fast pace, driving riffs, and snarling vocals. “Loosely played thrash metal with a super fun to play guitar solo and lyrics about getting dosed.”

The album rounds out with the stoned out »Ted Tedder« and »Lit The Wrong End« basking in psychedelic freakouts and deep sludgy grooves. “What’s your secret to releasing your best work nearly 20 years into existence?,” the band often gets asked. “Why, it’s no secret,” they say. “Everyone knows the trick – you set the bar low and keep ambitions lower. Make up a super awesome logo, play shows with your friends and cool bands, and release albums whenever you got em!”

Order the LP HERE. Proceeds from sales of this album are being donated to the Philly Bail Fund. As the band comments: “Ending the injustice of money bail requires shifting Philadelphia’s bail system from one that is based on wealth to a fairer and more effective system based on a presumption of release before trial, except in the most exceptional circumstances.”

The Company Corvette is:
Alexei Korolev – Guitar
Ross Pritchett – Bass, Vocals
Zach Price – Drums

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