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US stoner metal outfit Brain Vat stream their sophomore album »Communal Psychosis«, out now on vinyl, cassette, CD and digital platforms

Palm Desert, California based stoner metal outfit Brain Vat featuring current and former members of Mega Sun, Solid Steel, Rapid Fyre, Ultralord, Wizenfyrebutchenkreped, Enrage, Dekreped and Corrupt Defile has released their sophomore full-length album »Communal Psychosis« on April 8th, 2022.

»Communal Psychosis« is available now on vinyl, cassette, CD and digital platforms.

01. King Of Betrayal
02. Skull Full Of Shit
03. Creating Hell
04. Order Of The Pirates
05. Drowned In Filth
06. Wild Man
07. Sand Blasted
08. My Own Grandpa
09. Fail
10. Battle Fiend
11. Brutalizer

Brain Vat is a desert metal band hailing from planet Earth. Consisting of 4 mostly human musicians: Sheridan, Danny, Brad, & Angel. Influences include: A quantum entanglement with an inter-dimensional entity of unknown origin and who’s name, if spoken out loud, would cause one’s head to explode. Achievements: rocking the fuck out, and/or not being human battery slaves to the simulation machine.

All songs written and produced by Brain Vat
Album recorded at DeadEnd Studios in Palm Desert, CA
Recording Engineer: Brad Garrow & Brain Vat
Mix & Master Engineer: Chris Collier
Executive Producer: Mikey Doling
Cover art: Hari Aryanto

Brain Vat is:
Sheridan Carnahan – Vocals
Brad Garrow – Guitars
Angel Chavez – Bass
Danny Fitz – Drums

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