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Vinyl edition of Phantom Spell’s debut album »Immortal’s Requiem« to be released in January 2023 via Cruz Del Sur Music

Kyle McNeill’s prog rock/heavy metal project Phantom Spell will release vinyl edition of the debut album »Immortal’s Requiem« on January 20th, 2023 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

01. Immortal’s Requiem
02. Dawn Of Mind
03. Seven Sided Mirror
04. Up The Tower
05. Black Spire Curse
06. Blood Becomes Sand
07. Moonchild (Rory Gallagher cover)
08. Keep On Running (Alternate Version)

All songs written by Kyle McNeill except »Moonchild« written by Rory Gallagher.
Recorded at Wizard Tower Studios.
Mixed and mastered by Kyle McNeill.
Artwork and logo design by Jack Welch of Seventhbell Artwork.

Courtesy of Sure Shot Worx:

Cruz Del Sur Music is proud to announce the vinyl release of Phantom Spell’s »Immortal’s Requiem« debut on January 20th, 2023. The album was originally self-released in August this year.

Phantom Spell is the brainchild of Kyle McNeill, frontman for London based classic metal stalwarts, Seven Sisters. Having established his command of songcraft over several albums with the U.K.’s twin-guitar renegades, McNeill has decided to add a second string to his bow by delving heart-first into a musical love letter to his favourite prog rock artists of yesteryear.

“Musically, this is an area I’ve wanted to explore for a very long time,” he says. “The classic prog records have truly captured my imagination and continue to inspire me. I hope that in some odd way, this can be seen as me trying to repay the favour to those bands for enriching my life – a tribute to the dorkiness and grandeur of prog rock!”

Through »Immortal’s Requiem«, Phantom Spell presents a spellbinding sonic journey. A journey in which fractured thoughts of a deteriorating clairvoyant are given form as cascading guitar harmonies and weaving mellotronic passages. Songs like »Dawn Of Mind« and »Seven Sided Mirror« effortlessly navigate shifting sonic textures with purpose and unabashed curiosity that are akin to the theatrical majesty of those dear Kansas and YES gatefolds tucked away in record collections worldwide.

Photo by Zepic

The reaction to »Immortal’s Requiem« was immediate. German magazine Deaf Forever placed the album atop its “Soundcheck” along with a 9/10 review, noting, “The captivating and enraptured harmonies of the guitars…capture us immediately.” Forgotten Scroll webzine added, “How amazing the songwriting is on this release! How beautiful the twin guitars are sounding.”

A swell of positive press leads perfectly to the album’s vinyl release. According to McNeill, it will offer plenty for collectors worldwide.

“I could not be more pleased to have the opportunity to release »Immortal’s Requiem« on vinyl,” he says. “Doubly so, with it being on a fantastic, well-loved label such as Cruz Del Sur. The label has been a helping hand for Phantom Spell since the project’s inception, so it feels right to be working with him and his lovely team for this. The songs have been re-mastered by Justin Weis of Trakworx specifically for vinyl and they sound absolutely fantastic – if I do say so myself! The packaging has been lovingly put together by Tamara Arbazúa and the artwork by Jack Welch of SeventhBell will really shine! I can’t wait for fans to get their hands on this version for the ultimate visual and listening experience.”

Pre-order »Immortal’s Requiem« here: or

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