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Weedevil released their second studio album »Profane Smoke Ritual« via Smolder Brains Records / DHU Records / Abraxas Records!

São Paulo, Brazil based stoner/doom metal band Weedevil has just released their second studio album »Profane Smoke Ritual« on June 6th, 2024 via Smolder Brains Records and DHU Records.

»Profane Smoke Ritual« is also available now on all major streaming platforms through Abraxas Records!

01. The Serpent’s Gaze
02. Chronic Abyss Of Bane
03. Profane Smoke Ritual
04. Veil of Enchanted Shadows
05. Necrotic Elegy
06. Serenade Of Baphomet

Weedevil, a stoner/doom metal band, was formed in 2019 by Flávio Cavichioli (Forgotten Boys/Pin Ups). From the beginning, the band stood out by blending influences from heavy metal, doom, stoner, and psychedelic rock, creating a unique and engaging sound. With Flávio Cavichioli on drums, Poison on vocals, Jimmy Olden and Henrique Bittencourt on guitars, and Cláudio Funari on bass, Weedevil quickly gained a loyal following.

The band’s first album, »The Return«, released in 2022, received critical acclaim and helped solidify the band’s position in the metal scene. »The Return« followed in the footsteps of heavy metal classics while incorporating the dark, dense atmosphere of doom.

In 2023, Weedevil released the split EP »Cult Of Devil Sounds« in collaboration with the Mexican band Electric Cult, expanding their international reach. The continued success led to the release of their second album, »Profane Smoke Ritual«, in 2024, which delves into themes of spirituality, mystery, transcendence, and occultism.

“The album »Profane Smoke Ritual« is a deep journey through the mysteries of spirituality and liberation, inspired by figures like Crowley, Lilith, and Baphomet. Our lyrics invite listeners to dive into reflections on existence and the meaning of life. With a unique fusion of styles and an intuitive approach to composition, each track of this album seeks to provoke a significant impact, encouraging profound thoughts and a deeper connection with our spiritual journey.”

The band has performed at various important festivals, including Dopesmoke (Bahia), Doom Over BH (Belo Horizonte), and Koolmetal, and has opened for bands such as Asteroid, Pesta, and Lucifer. Weedevil is known for their intense and atmospheric live performances, transporting audiences to a world of shadows and rituals.

Recorded by Diego Rocha and Carlos Abreu at Bay Area Studio.
Mixed and mastering by Diego Rocha at Bay Area Studio.
Cover art by Lie Design

Weedevil is:
Flavio Cavichiol – Drums
Poison – Vocals
Jimmy Olden – Guitar
Henrique Bittencourt – Guitar
Claudio HC Funari – Bass

Weedevil Live:
Jun 8 Doomed Girls On The FFFront Vol.1, São Paulo
Jun 30 Santo Rock Bar, Bairro Casa Branca, Santo André
Oct 6 Fabrique, São Paulo w/ Lucifer, Pesta, Space Grease and Tamtun

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