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Weedian is back with a brand new compilation »Trip To Ukraine« featuring Stoned Jesus, Ethereal Riffian, Somali Yacht Club, Mist Tower and many more!

Weedian is back with a brand new compilation »Trip To Ukraine« which offers a preview into the Ukrainian doom, stoner and heavy psych scene with artists such as Stoned Jesus, Ethereal Riffian, Somali Yacht Club, Mist Tower, Shiva The Destructor, Nonsun, Sex Blender, Red Eyed Hyena, Dreadnought In The Pond and many more.

01. Somali Yacht Club – Loom
02. Ethereal Riffian – Drum Of The Deathless
03. Shiva The Destructor – Supreme Light
04. Stoned Jesus – The Harvest
05. Mist Tower – 4th Of July
06. Nonsun – A Wizard Grieving Over The Loss Of Magic
07. Risin Sabotage – Creature
08. Sex Blender – Diver
09. The Heavy Crawls – Burns Me From Inside
10. Bomg – Etaph Pt. 2
11. Electric Pussy – Black Mountain
12. Sinoptik – Sell God’s Number
13. Borum – Cerberus
14. Your Inner God – Pray
15. Atomic Simao – Chemical Time Machine
16. Temple Of The Universe – When The Angels Cry
17. Mother Witch – Ruins Of Faith
18. Straytones – Broken Clock
19. GDBN – Acid Witch
20. Red Eyed Hyena – Tale Of Marvin Heemeyer
21. Soom – Лісова Пісня
22. Pree Tone – Flattering Thought
23. Ooze – Backend
24. Night On Fire – Wild (I)
25. Firejam – Blackshine
26. 5R6 – Vermin
27. VOVK – Something
28. Celophys – Cenozoic
29. Ritual Service – Great Degradator
30. Hollow Sun – Burned By The Sun
31. Kasu Weri – Faster
32. Amber Platypus – Surface
33. Dreadnought In The Pond – The Battle
34. The COW – Weedchuwayu

The Ukrainian stoner doom and psychedelic scene is characterized in this compilation by bands that have been active for the last 15 years. The Ukrainian psychedelic scene is young and fickle, but developing and new bands are constantly being added to it. The compilation has pillars of the scene that often represent Ukraine at European festivals and global audiences.

But there are also completely underground bands that play only for their listeners.

Many of the bands represented are released on the Robustfellow label and often perform at festivals such as Electric Meadow and Winter Mass or at underground clubs around the country.

There are also standout units like Stoned Jesus, which are collaborating with western labels. In recent years, due to Covid19, it is the underground scene that has become more active, collective concerts, mini-tours or local festivals are constantly held. The Ukrainian scene is characterized by experiments and going beyond the genre, the search for its own authenticity.

There is a war going on in Ukraine, so in this difficult time, we have put together an overview of the Ukrainian scene to share with you what has been happening in the psychedelic guitar music of Ukraine in recent years.

Some of the presented groups may never perform again due to various reasons, some left and will not return home soon, some fight at the front. One thing is clear that now is the right moment to capture the scene in the compilation, because after the war it most likely will not be the same.

Words by Alexandr Hodosevych (Mist Tower)

Artwork by Muhamad Fadhil Fahrianto

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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