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Weedian is back with a new compilation »Trip To Mexico«!

Weedian is back with a new compilation »Trip To Mexico« exploring the sounds from Mexican underground scene, including bands such as Satánico Pandemonium, Vinnum Sabbathi, Oculto, El Brujo, Maligno, Electric Mountain, Spacegoat, 3Demons and many more.

01. Maligno – Shine
02. Spacegoat – Erase The Sun
03. Saturno Grooves – Fire Dome
04. 4 Ciénegas – Salem Trials
05. Vinnum Sabbathi – In Search Of M-Theory
06. Akûma – Torres de Silencio
07. Electric Mountain – Void
08. Electric Cult – Warlocks Of The Mangrove
09. Bar De Monjas – Hot Rail
10. 3Demons – El inmigrante
11. Jesus On Dope – Escape From The Void
12. Elefangs – Burn
13. Satánico Pandemonium – Las suertes de la magia negra
14. Malamadre – Matanuska Thunderfuck & Silverkush
15. 3 Wheeler Band – Holy Riff
16. Terror Cósmico – De las profundidades de la tierra
17. Owain – Sledgehammers
18. Cactus Rojo – Riddle Of Steel
19. Patas de Khabra – La pezuña del diablo
20. Rostro Del Sol – Bop C Sketches
21. El Ahorcado – Doomed Alblaze
22. Weedsnake – En Busca del Cualquier
23. Oculto – Danse Macabre
24. Veljet – La construcción de los sentimientos negativos
25. La Maquinaria del Sueño – Maldad Eléctrica
26. Moonwatcher – Perfect Strangers
27. The Sweet Leaf – Drooning
28. Elchivo – The Oath
29. Los Mundos – Circulo de Aves
30. Cardiel – Fakie
31. Bardo – Todos Mueren
32. Tolot – Tlacati
33. The Wizard – Fausto
34. Chivo Negro – Reverse Inquisition
35. Death Yak – Gary
36. El Brujo – Tornado Joplin
37. Broca – Mante
38. Artesano de Piedra – Ancestral Message
39. Comanchet – Magia Negra
40. Apocalipsis – Cordón De Plata
41. The Tronautas – My God
42. Cannabian – Kraken God
43. Bisonte – Stampede
44. Tajak – El Despertar
45. Santa Sangre – Supercluster
46. Black Overdrive – No Salvation
47. El Diablo – Liquid Skies
48. Fumata – Soy Apatía
49. El Escuadrón de la Muerte – Polo Polo Song
50. Fractal – Fragmentos
51. Desollado – Desollado
52. El Culto del Ojo Rojo – Centurias
53. Humus – Please Don’t Veer Into Contentious Turf
54. Whitecrow – Eonic
55. Narak – Raju Mrtyu
56. The Cosmic Lotus – Trimegistos

Mexico is a mystical place, charged with an ancient history and a rich cultural diversity.

This compilation explores in a general way the diversity of sounds from the underground, focusing on Psychedelic, Heavy and Slow riffs:

We open our trip with the godfathers (The Sweet Leaf, Humus, El Diablo) in the ’90s, then we cross the time tunnel for the next generation in the 2000s (Maligno, Spacegoat, El Brujo, Jesus On Dope, etc.) who diversified these sounds in Mexico. Then we land on the 2010s with a generation who decided to create a network between bands, collectives, and labels (Lxs Grises, LSDR Records, Stonerheads, etc.) and finally we offer you just a little example of the diversity of bands that you can find around Mexico in these days.

Enjoy this wonderful trip (Salud amigos, Buenos Humos)
With love The Weedian and Tamayo R (Vinnum Sabbathi)

Artwork by Anwar Purnomo.

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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