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Weedian is back with new compilation »Trip To Denmark«!

Weedian is back with new compilation »Trip To Denmark« featuring Demon Head, Causa Sui, Bogwife, Rift Giant, Baby Woodrose, Øresund Space Collective, Stone Cadaver, Hadron, Doublestone, Gas Giant and more.

01. Causa Sui – Homage
02. Doublestone – Low
03. Moonless – Mark Of The Dead
04. Demon Head – Gallows Omen
05. Bogwife – Orbit
06. Mythic Sunship – Cosmic Rupture
07. Hadron – Salvation
08. Baby Woodrose – Bullshit Detector
09. Øresund Space Collective – Space Fountain
10. Alucarda – D.F.F.L.
11. Fusskalt – Stand In Line
12. Center Of The Earth – Black Blood Of The Earth
13. IAmFire – Burn Your Halo
14. Gas Giant – Too Stoned
15. Gaia – Wristwatch In A Time Vacuum
16. Stone Cadaver – We Need Your Fucking Blood
17. Dirtforge – Stone
18. Måneskjold – Skov
19. Vestjysk Ørken – …Of The Dead
20. Trippelgänger – Hellfire
21. Slowjoint – Brown Cheese
22. Drukner – Gnarnia
23. Summon King Sykes – Tribe Killed By Medicine
24. The Hyle – Lucifero
25. Rift Giant – Queen Witch
26. Lophius – World To Come
27. Holy Dragon – Mountain
28. Lucid Grave – Goddess Of Misery

“Denmark has a very “South of The Wall” feeling compared to other Scandinavian countries. It’s a northern country, but it’s not true north. This become evident when you look at the rest of the northern countries, with their strong roots in metal and doom, and new bands blossoming out of the frozen soil on a near daily basis. In comparison, Denmark seems like a desert: A desolated landscape with few and scattered settlements with little to no contact with each other.
Yet, if you dig deep beneath the earth, you will find the ruins of a now ancient civilization: The Elder Bands like Freed, Steppeulvene, Young Flowers and Moses from the 60’s and 70’s, to the Grammy nominated Saturnus from 1991, or the lesser known Gas Giant (1998-2006).

Perhaps the lack of a metropolis in Danish stoner/doom have meant that fewer bands have ventured on these grass-strewn roads, and even less have gained international recognition. However, in recent years the sound of gathering tribes have echoed across the wasteland. Something is happening in the horizon. It is no longer rotten in the state of Denmark.
In recent years, the psych scene have seen a definitive boom in popularity, perhaps as a result of the shaman Uffe Lorentzen, who got the sound of true psychedelic rock out in the mainstream with his bands Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat. Following Uffe’s success, we have seen bands like Causa Sui, Papir and Mythic Sunship create a genre-within-a-genre and defying what can be considered “heavy”. Theirs is the sound of the hot sun and the blue-green sea, as imagined by a people who have heard of these only in legend.

Just behind these longful souls of the summer, we hear the tribesmen as they march out of the swamps. New bands like Bogwife, Gaia, and Center of The Earth reminds us of where we came from, as we nod our heads to their hymns of heavy. They are distinctly stoner/doom, yet they are characteristically Danish: Theirs is the nihilism of the “south-of-the-wall” northerners, and not the melancholia of the dark north of Norway and Sweden.
We are few and scattered still. Lonesome sailors on a grey and indifferent sea. But now we look to communion, to trade, and to the light in the west. We have agreed upon a yearly gathering at Fuzztival, where we will unite and grow stronger. Soon, we will conquer the known world as we did in the old days of our ancestors. For now, we will drink and be merry, and wait our turn.”
~ Bo Sejer (Vestyjsk ørken / Esbjerk Fuzztival)

Cover art by B.H.A.N.G

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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