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Weedian is back with new compilation »Trip To Missouri«!

Weedian is back with new compilation »Trip To Missouri« featuring bands such as ((Thorlock)), They Watch Us From The Moon, Tenant, Merlin, Sun Mass, Horned Wolf, Inner Altar, War Druid, Infinite Sun and more.

01. Keef Mountain – Hendog
02. Orphans Of Doom – The Ornamentalist
03. They Watch Us From The Moon – On The Fields Of The Moon
04. Inner Altar – A War In The Heavens
05. Merlin – Basilisk
06. Spacetrucker – Hotbox Airlock
07. Sun Mass – Substation
08. Path Of Might – Boar Cult Blues
09. Chronic Lethargy – Paralysis
10. ((Thorlock)) – Louder Than Stupidity
11. Tenant – Ensanguinator
12. Infinite Sun – Isonaut
13. Railhazer – Anantashesha
14. The Judge – The Witcher
15. SavageLand – Animal Kingdom
16. Cloud Machine – Cashed
17. Horned Wolf – Bloodlines
18. Mongoose – Kaiju
19. War Druid – Orc Fiste
20. Kilverez – Asteroid
21. Beyonder – Mind Altar
22. Buzzard Fight – The Glove Don’t Fit
23. Free Field – Head In A Cloud feat. Donny Thurmon
24. Gurney – Coffin Cough

From the middle of nowhere and the center of everywhere, the “Show-Me State” of Missouri brings some of the heaviest riffs stretching from the boothill of the Ozark Mountains to the very depths of the Missouri River flowing throughout the state.

Artwork by Hobs Studio

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

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