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Weedian presents their latest compilation »Trip To Switzerland«!

Weedian presents their latest compilation »Trip To Switzerland« featuring the finest Swiss artists, such as Monkey3, shEver, Zatokrev, E-L-R, Carson, Echolot, Shrooms Circle, Wolf Counsel, Dirty Sound Magnet, Black Willows, Preamp Disaster, No Mute and many more.

01. Son Cesano – Cold Sleep
02. Hey Satan – South Is The New West
03. Mystic Sons – Black Ritual
04. Carson – Drown the Witness
05. Rataxes – Tentacles
06. Monkey3 – Through The Desert
07. E-L-R – Opiate The Sun
08. Stoneforge – Smoke Ceremony
09. Six Months Of Sun – The Barbarian
10. Cosmosonic – The Citadel
11. Fomies – Reversal
12. Sobchak – More Doors
13. Echolot – II
14. Wolf Counsel – Shield Wall
15. Leaden Fumes – Chromophobia
16. Wizards Of Wiznan – Beneath The Mask
17. Marant – Evil Schnaps
18. The Great Red Shark – The Devil And The Goddess
19. Skullpriest – Contamination
20. Addicthead – Dropus Dei
21. Shrooms Circle – Demotion
22. Dr. Haze & The Wise Lizardz – To Land Upon A Star
23. Dirty Sound Magnet – Organic Sacriface
24. Blue Rumble – Think For Yourself
25. Ephedra – Road Trip
26. The Ghoast – Forget November Rain
27. Lazerkaat – Heavy Planet
28. Midnight Deadbeats – Dishwasher
29. Black Willows – Interlude I
30. Zatokrev – Silent Gods
31. Preamp Disaster – Above The Bloodline
32. Dead Shaman – Cosmic Trigger
33. Sons Of Morpheus – Paranoid Reptiloid
34. Midnight Karma – Dark Country Fever
35. shEver – Path Of Death (X)
36. No Mute – Derail
37. Velvet Two Stripes – Wooden Bones
38. The Gods Of Isando – God’s Original Sin
39. Black Market Cadillac – Dig My Soul
40. Hellroom Projectors – Jupiter’s Landscape
41. Wardhill – Ordovician
42. Mount Kōya – Nuclear
43. Ping Machines – Black Dotted Rain
44. Zamarro – Satan’s Arms
45. Gora Mama – The Call
46. The Crotals – Black Blizzard
47. Simia Sapiens – Proud And Brainless
48. Snakedeath – The Reverend
49. Orias – O Great One, O Truthful One
50. Kecske – II

Let’s hear about Switzerland! Well, to be honest Switzerland is a bit of a weird one…
For a country this tiny it has quiet a vivid and diverse Music scene, and a growing Doom/Stoner scene as well. Bands like Hellhammer and Excruciation set the bar for heavy music high in the early 80’s, and maybe due to its size and as a result the lack of musical bubbles (you had to play with whomever was around), there really wasn’t a lot of “pure” Doom or Stoner bands to follow for a long time. And still as of today, most of the heavy riff driven music Switzerland produces isn’t easily being put in schemes. As mentioned, the lack of size necessary to have sole Stoner or Doom bubbles has lead to a trademark of local artists I am willing to condense down into one word: innovative! Bands like Soldat Hans with their gloomy overly long folky Doom or the hypnotic drum driven P.Noir that rose out of the ashes of the infamous Doom trio Snarf prove that there is a certain out of the box thinking in the approach towards heavy music. One of my personal favourites, the Psych/Doom trio Echolot are worth mentioning here as well, for reinventing themselves again and again with every album. If we shift our lens towards a more traditional or Stoner-heavy focus there is another whole universe to mention. Bands like Lord Of The Grave, No Mute and Sons Of Morpheus are out there for a while now. In the latest years (and probably also due to the fact that the Up in Smoke Festival, which started in 2011, is becoming a Mekka for Riff-Worshippers all over central Europe) there has been a new generation of bands like Skull Priest, Great Lady Under Earth, E-L-R, Midnight Deadbeats or the sadly split up Heavy Harvest. Another factor, which sounds hilarious in such a tiny country like Switzerland, is the barriers between the various language districts. The french speaking part has a rather different sound than the rest of the country, a certain cold, post hardcory vibe that is hard to pin down. Now, I could ramble on about this and that for a very long time, but I’d much rather recommend you’ll take the time to go on a trip and experience the Swiss scene on your own!


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All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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