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Weedian returns with a brand new digital compilation »Trip To Germany«!

Weedian returns with a brand new trip, this time to Germany. Compilation »Trip To Germany« includes some of the finest artists from the German stoner/psych rock scene, such as Colour Haze, Kadavar, Samsara Blues Experiment, Earth Ship, My Sleeping Karma, Wight, Mother Engine, Grin, Vvlva, Scorched Oak and many more.

01. Samsara Blues Experiment – Second Birth
02. Beehoover – Pain Power
03. Mother Engine – Truemmer
04. Kadavar – All Our Thoughts
05. Paralyzed – Prophets
06. The Spacelords – Liquid Sun
07. My Sleeping Karma – Shiva
08. Colour Haze – Freude III
09. Mountain Witch – At The Mountains Of Madness
10. Electric Moon – Brain Eaters
11. Mount Hush – Black Moon
12. Swan Valley Heights – Alaska
13. Electric Orange – Holzbock
14. Kalamata – You
15. Pyramid – March
16. Kosmodrom – Leitplanke
17. Camel Driver – Bazaar
18. Mindcrawler – Dead Space
19. Goat Explosion – If Crimson Was My Tower
20. Godsground – Hunted Man
21. KUVALAYA – Black Light
22. Elara Sunstreak Band – Nexus
23. Vvlva – Cryptic Faith
24. Hammada – Helios
25. Vug – Vug
26. Deaf Proof – Brain Utopia
27. Zeremony – Oak Leaves
28. Sula Bassana – Dealer McDope
29. Zone Six – Kozmik Koon
30. Crypt Witch – Dope Witch
31. Stargo – Storm
32. Fuzziebär – Furry Love
33. Hyne – Cries From The Hidden
34. Redscale – Hydra
35. Eternal Engine – Mars Red Sky
36. Mount Atlas – The Hunter
37. Sleeping Child – Three Cats In A Row
38. Earthbong – Goddamn High
39. Ursular – Gaia
40. The Strange Seeds – Gardens Of Marrakesh
41. Alligator Rodeo – Ghost In The Machine
42. Black Magic Tree – Burnin’ Berlin
43. Scorched Oak – Forest
44. Black Vulpine – Twisted Knife
45. Wight – Bon Apocalypso
46. Iron & Stone – Avalanche
47. Earth Ship – Smoke Filled Sky
48. Grin – Alterna
49. Dune Pilot – Loaded
50. Amorf – Creepy Little Bird
51. Inspired By illusions – Nebulæ

The German stoner/psych rock scene has been alive, well and constantly evolving for many decades now. What started with German genre-pioneers like Rotor and Color Haze in the late 90s, has since developed into a nationwide scene of various groups covering all varieties of the genre from psychedelic rock and doom, to heavy psych and classic desert-rock. The German scene has also made its international mark trough hard working booking agencies, promoters and organizers, giving bands touring Europe a home-stage trough internationally recognized stoner-festivals like Freak Valley, Desert Fest Berlin or the Keep It Low Festival in Munich Germany. This compilation of hand-selected German stoner/psych-artists is going to take you on a fuzzy, heavy and mind-altering ride trough some of the best acts Germany has to offer. Your welcome!

Cover art by Haryo Awonggo.

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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